Should you take the risk and buy a wedding dress online?

Every bride knows that the most expensive item for their wedding day will be their dress, and many brides spend thousands of dollars on a dress. This bride spent only $200.

  (photo credit: Shootime Alsaboory)
(photo credit: Shootime Alsaboory)

Every bride knows that one of the most expensive items for the wedding is the dress - and many brides spend tens of thousands of dollars on the perfect dress that they will only wear once in their lifetime.

One brave bride named Maddie decided it wasn't worth it to spend so much money on a dress that she would only wear once so she ordered it online, costing her only $200.

When the dress arrived, the packaging was more like a basketball than one designed for an elegant piece of clothing. Maddie, fearing the worst, decided to document the unboxing using TikTok. Her video accumulated over 28 million views. "This is what you get when you order your wedding dress online," she wrote as her caption.

@littlemiss_madison Thats what you get for ordering an online dress for your wedding! #onlineshopping #wedding #engaged #dress #weddingdress #nontraditionalwedding #90days ♬ origineel geluid - Florian Hamelink

Maddie's TikTok videos

 Sewing a wedding dress, Bat Ayin (credit: Tamar Wiseberg/Flash90) Sewing a wedding dress, Bat Ayin (credit: Tamar Wiseberg/Flash90)

Maddie used small scissors to carefully cut the tape that they used to pack the dress. After many attempts, she managed to open it and wrote on the video: "I am trembling with excitement."

While some assumed that Maddie got the wrong item and that she was going to start crying, she explained in a follow-up video that this was the exact dress that she was dreaming of.

@littlemiss_madison Replying to @It’s Kaden! Head over heels for this Vintage pink and blue non traditional wedding ceremony dress! #goodvibesonly #engagement #weddingtiktok #wedding #married #fallwedding #vintage #nontraditionalwedding ♬ original sound - Tears For Fears

She said that she deliberately chose a non-traditional pink dress for her wedding and that it wasn't actually a mistake. "It's exactly what I expected," she said. "I'm glad I trust the process. I showed you before I showed my family."

Maddie was expecting rave reviews, but many were not really enthusiastic about the dress and were sure it was a joke. "It's disappointing," one wrote in the comments. "I can't figure out if it's sarcasm or not. Help," another person wrote.

@littlemiss_madison Replying to @shrestha im so happy with the results of a colored dress! Impressed how well it turned out from an online site! Thanks for all the support everyone! #weddingtiktok #wedding #vintagedress #nontraditionalwedding #weddingvibes #bridetobe #bride #trustyourself ♬ this is what falling in love feels like - JVKE

Maddie responded to the comments by saying that her dress reminded her of the witch Galinda from "The Wizard of Oz". "I love all the positive and funny things mentioned here in the comments. I am very happy and no one will be able to change my mind about it. I'm so excited for the big day," she said in the video.

Maddie also said that she had previously tried on a white wedding dress that sold for $2,200, but it didn't feel right to her. "I thought I wanted a white dress since I was little. I wanted to look like the cliched bride. I loved the white, but deep down I knew I had a soul too colorful for that, so I went with my gut feeling and bought this pink dress with blue touches. Don't let people underestimate what makes you happy."