UFO hunter claims: 'I have definite evidence that we are not alone'

A British man believes that new images of a flying alien object are among the growing evidence that "we are not alone". He spotted the UFO in the clouds, pulled out his camera to record.

 Extraterrestrials may not be so foreign. (photo credit: Walla)
Extraterrestrials may not be so foreign.
(photo credit: Walla)

In recent months, there has been a lot of speculation regarding UFOs - especially after the Chinese spy balloons that were first thought by some people to be aliens were revealed. Now, a man from England claimed to have found proof that aliens are visiting our planet.

John Mooner took photos of a suspicious unidentified flying object hovering over a rural area in Devon, England, on Monday, which he claims is an "alien flying sauce." He told The Mirror, "A glint of light instantly caught my eye as something metallic-looking came out from a cloud." Mooner said that the strange object had "some type of force field emanating around it," and that he was able to quickly take several pictures with his Nikon P900 camera.

"I was completely gobsmacked by what I was seeing," the man continued. "It was unmistakably a flying saucer with two black rectangular windows on the dome portion of the craft and four black openings along the bottom part of its structure."

On closer inspection, the UFO - which Mooner said was traveling through the clouds at a speed of 1,600 km/h - vaguely resembles a spaceship from old science fiction movies.

"I was so excited, I continued to monitor the area with the hope of sighting this incredible craft once again," he told The Mirror. According to him, this sighting is "definitive evidence" that aliens visit our planet routinely. "This is absolutely genuine. The alien presence is real. We are not alone," he claimed.

Are aliens visiting the Earth? 

This is not the first so-called "proof" that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth. Photographs of suspected UFOs continue to flood the Internet from time to time.

While some claim that aliens are "100% real," NASA officials stated a few weeks ago that of the 800 sightings captured over nearly three decades, only 2% to 5% were considered unexplainable anomalies.