Sperm donor who fathered 550 children keeps on going despite court order

A prolific sperm donor suspected of fathering over 500 children with more than 100 women is reportedly continuing to donate his sperm worldwide, defying a court order.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Dutch musician Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a serial sperm donor, has children scattered across the globe. He is estimated to have at least 80 children in Germany, 35 in Belgium, four in Argentina, two in Australia, and over 375 in the Netherlands.

The Hague Civil Court banned Meijer from donating sperm anywhere in the world, and doing so would result in an £85,000 fine. However, reports suggest that Meijer is continuing to donate sperm despite the court's decision, according to the Daily Mail.

Growing concerns and legal actions

Ties van der Meer, the chairman of the DonorKind Foundation, said Meijer fathered at least 550 children through 13 fertility clinics worldwide. Additionally, Meijer had been independently offering donations through social media, reaching out to women who want to conceive.

The chairman expressed concern over the lack of government action, stating, "We are taking action against this man because the government is doing nothing. He has a global reach via the internet and he does business with large, international sperm banks," according to The Telegraph.

Numerous women who have given birth to children resembling Meijer have joined an online support group. The group, called Donorkind 102 JJM, aims to prevent future complications, including accidental incest and romantic relationships among their children. Over 150 mothers have joined this Facebook community seeking guidance and support.

Personal motivations and controversies over the serial sperm donor

Van der Meer, who became the father of 18 children through sperm donation, strongly criticized Meijer's actions, calling them irresponsible. He fears that Meijer's desire to set a world record may lead him to father 1,000 children, The Mirror reported. In response, Meijer stated that he now only donates sperm to women who have already borne his child and wish to conceive again.

Recently, Meijer assisted a Dutch woman in conceiving a child, and he plans to visit the mothers of some of his children in Serbia and Italy. Cryos International, a sperm bank, sold Meijer's sperm samples for £1,100 each, although Meijer claims to offer his donations for free, The Mirror reported.

When questioned about his motivations, Meijer expressed his desire to start his own family and bring five children into the world, telling German media outlets, "I want to do something meaningful with my life."