Single, Israeli lesbians become main sperm donation recipients

Once a secret, taboo process for couples struggling with infertility, sperm donation has become an openly discussed and accepted means for many women and non-traditional families.

Fertility ethics in wartime - opinion

Is the extraction of sperm and use for fertility purposes permitted, and if so, who are the people who should be allowed to request it?

China's Xian sends 'sweet love' messages to encourage babymaking

The message was sent by Xian's Health Commission and Xian's Family Planning Association. Both government departments did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


Fertility doctors condemn Health Ministry's move to restrict Assuta IVF

Infertile couples who want children via IVF and fertility specialists denounce Health Ministry decision to restrict treatment in private hospitals

Health Ministry orders Assuta reduce activity after IVF scandals

Assuta private hospital's IVF unit in Tel Aviv will be limited and supervised after fetus mix-up that followed another one at its Rishon Lezion hospital

First Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal

Israel to consider law allowing fallen soldiers' parents to become grandparents

Proponents of the law passing argue that it would honor the fallen soldiers, allowing their legacy to continue on. There are, however, some ethical considerations.

What are the biggest myths on fertility?

"Put your legs up after sex," "don't wear boxers," "don't put your phone in your pocket" and more. Two experts in Israel determine what is true and what is myth on the likelihood of fertility.


5 health benefits of pineapple: Unveiling the power of this tropical fruit

Discover the surprising advantages of pineapple and boost your health naturally.


Sperm donor who fathered 550 children keeps on going despite court order

A prolific sperm donor suspected of fathering over 500 children with more than 100 women is reportedly continuing to donate his sperm worldwide, defying a court order.

Pregnant woman (Illustrative)

20% of women have natural pregnancy after conceiving a baby with IVF – study

Many of the women who used IVF to conceive their first child, hold the mistaken belief that they cannot fall pregnant without medical intervention.

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