Sperm (illustrative)

Sperm protein could be used for treating infertility, joint Israel-Japan study finds

They found that the protein IZUMO1 is critical for the binding of sex cells, and also plays an essential role in fusing the cells to allow the exchange of genetic material.

Voices from the Arab press: Malthus's theory, 200 years later

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30-year-old babies: Twins born after breaking record of longest-frozen embryos

Lydia and Timothy Ridgway, twins born on October 31, 2022, hold the record for the longest-frozen embryos ever born alive, according to the National Embryo Donation Center.

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Single religious women make up most Israelis who froze their eggs - study

One in three women who froze eggs before the age of 40 gave birth from the frozen eggs, but only one out of 11 who froze after the age of 40 gave birth with their help.

The process of extracting eggs

Trouble getting pregnant? Unhealthy testicles may be to blame

1 out of every 7 couples in Israel faces fertility issues, but contrary to popular belief that the source of the problem lies mostly with the women, in about 50% of the cases the issue is with men.

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Pregnancy (Illustrative)

Pregnant Israeli discovers implanted embryo not related to her, husband

The report came to the Health Ministry from Assuta Hospital in Rishon LeZion, where the genetic testing was being performed.

Merkaz Panim: Giving a face to Israelis' fertility challenges

Today, 11 years after its founding, Merkaz Panim continues to give a face to the emotional distress and tension of those experiencing fertility issues. 

Woman in her 70s gives birth to baby in India

A 70-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy baby after 54 years of trying to have a baby and dealing with fertility issues.

  Pregnant woman (illustrative)

GoStork launches Fertility Clinic Marketplace to help with pregnancy

Israeli start-up, GoStark, has developed a fertility clinic marketplace platform to help those who want to get pregnant.

Groups launched to help Jewish couples with IVF face uncertain landscape after Roe reversal

Animated by concerns about fertility, Israel will pay for any infertile couple to have two children through IVF, no matter how many rounds it takes. In the US, it can cost about $20,000 per round.

By Jackie Hajdenberg/JTA
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