Florida nightmare: 2 women say they found hidden camera in Miami Airbnb

Troubling discovery: Two American women found a hidden camera in a Miami Airbnb bedroom. They shared the incident and police response over TikTok.

A model poses with a camera (photo credit: REUTERS/INA FASSBENDER)
A model poses with a camera

Katelyn Boss recounted the shocking experience of finding a hidden "camera" concealed in the bedroom of an Airbnb apartment she and her friend Rachel Horman had rented in Miami, Florida.

She uploaded a video on TikTok to share her story, expressing her fear and disbelief. "When I saw it in person, it looked like a camera. I tried to stay calm so we weren't losing our minds... but I was scared," Katelyn said.

"The camera was facing directly at the mirror. And we've been changing in front of this mirror and like doing all that stuff," she recounted.

In the video, Rachel can be heard speaking to the police, saying, "Hi, um, we think our Airbnb has hidden cameras and I feel like I'm being watched and I just do not feel safe in my Airbnb."

Was there a hidden camera in a Florida Airbnb?

The video concludes with the arrival of the police at the apartment and their inspection of the lampshade, where the hidden camera was allegedly placed. "One cop was kind of an ass to us and was like 'No, it's not a camera,' like, trying to mansplain to us,' and the other cop was like, 'No, that's a camera.'"

As of now, it remains unclear whether the object discovered was indeed a camera. The video has generated numerous comments, with one viewer asking for an update, noting that they "can clearly see the lens." while another added that it looks like a camera. Another commenter shared their experience, stating, they were going to leave their Airbnb in Florida.

However, some commenters expressed skepticism. One wrote that it was merely a socket with wires, and another claimed it was an empty lamp housing. Additionally, there were those who criticized the two friends for involving the police in such a situation.

Airbnb gave the two a full refund and help them find another accommodation and closed the case.

According to Airbnb's official website, intentionally recording or transmitting video or audio of guests without their consent is prohibited. The company explicitly prohibits installing security cameras or recording devices in private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas.