UFO sighting: Were aliens spotted in the skies above Louisiana?

Residents of Louisiana, USA, were stressed by photos of a bright ball "flying" at 4:30 am, raising many questions in the country.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

As UFO sightings continue to make headlines, experts claim to possess evidence of extraterrestrial existence, further fueling the fascination surrounding such phenomena.

A recently uploaded video on social media captured the attention of many as it showcased a mysterious green "fireball" illuminating the skies over Louisiana, leaving residents perplexed and anxious about the spectacle.

The footage, recorded by security cameras of Louisiana residents, displayed a vivid green light filling the night sky before vanishing abruptly. While some experts attribute the event to a meteor disintegrating upon entry into Earth's atmosphere, locals remain convinced that the object was, in fact, a UFO that landed nearby.

Were aliens spotted in Louisiana?

The sightings, which occurred in Gretna, south of New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 14 at 4:30 a.m., generated considerable interest among residents in the surrounding areas.

Reports of the unusual event quickly spread, prompting meteorologists to acknowledge receiving numerous accounts of the "green fireball" phenomenon. The American Meteorological Society has taken notice and is investigating the documented footage.

Coinciding with the release of highly classified government documents concerning UFOs, news of this phenomenon has reverberated throughout the Internet. The incident has captivated the public at a time when American politicians are embroiled in heated discussions over the disclosure of secretive UFO-related information. Social media outlets, particularly Twitter, have seen considerable discussion on the subject, with many commenters expressing their belief that the object is indeed a UFO, not a mere meteor.