Wedding photographer reveals 3 signs of an unstable marriage

Wedding photographer Shayla Herrington shares on TikTok 3 signs foretelling divorce and unhappiness in married couples. Watch and reflect.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

As a wedding photographer, Shayla Herrington has witnessed numerous newlywed couples throughout her career. Working alongside her colleague, she noticed several recurring signs that, according to them, indicate a marriage's potential demise and unhappiness.

Herrington took to TikTok to share these insights, crediting a seasoned photographer she once worked with. She explained, "One time I was shooting under this wedding photographer and they told me they can always tell if a couple will last or not based on three things."

What are the signs a marriage will fail?

The first sign, according to Herrington, is when one partner takes an excessive number of family photos at the wedding without their spouse. "The first indicator is one of the spouses will take, like, more than three family photos without the other spouse," she said. "This one kind of makes sense to me just because you know, you might get a few alone with your mom and dad but to kick them out of more than three photos just seems a little suspicious."

A wedding is a union of families celebrating the love between the couple. Excluding a future family member from multiple photos raises concerns that there may be underlying issues.

The second sign, as pointed out by Herrington, is when bridesmaids, groomsmen, or anyone representing a party fail to mention the spouse of the other party in their greetings. "That's typically because we don't like them," claimed the photographer.

A successful marriage relies on more than just the love between two individuals; it involves the acceptance and support of their friends and family. If the people close to someone don't genuinely like their partner, the marriage may face difficulties.

The third sign, according to Herrington, is when one partner spends more time with others during the event than with their chosen spouse. "The last indicator is one of the spouses will spend more time with friends or family at the reception rather than their spouse."

Forbes magazine reported that the average length of a marriage before divorce is eight years. In the United States, it is often cited that half of first marriages end in divorce, and the rates are even higher for second and third marriages, with 67% and 73% respectively.