Wife discovers truth after husband's 70 days of IDF reserve duty

Shocking discovery: An Israeli woman in her 30s was used to her husband's frequent absences for IDF reserve duty, unaware of the surprising truth until a friend intervenes.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

This relatively young couple, residing in Israel's North, lived comfortably and were parents to two children. Amid their seemingly idyllic life, the husband's frequent trips to IDF reservist duty were part of a deceptive web of lies he had spun.

According to the wife's account to lawyers Sherin and Gadli Solan, her husband used to disappear for numerous periods throughout the year for IDF reservist duty. He would stress, "I am in such a unit that they call me from time to time when they need me. Sometimes I have to spend the night in the unit, sometimes one or two days in a row."

Trusting her husband, she never suspected anything amiss.

Credit: IngImage ASAP
Credit: IngImage ASAP

However, her friend's intervention turned everything upside down. "Who serves 60-70 days in IDF reservist duty a year? Didn't you think to check it?"

He said he was serving IDF reservist duty. He was actually having an affair

Intrigued, the wife decided to delve into the matter after enduring three years of regular absences from her husband, sometimes for almost five or six days each month, and occasionally even overnight. Determined to uncover the truth, the mother of two hired a private detective. Within a week, the investigator unveiled the shocking truth. The husband wasn't involved in any military duties, as he had claimed. Instead, he was leading a double life, engaging in an extramarital affair with another woman. The truth hit her hard, leaving her wondering how she hadn't seen the signs earlier.

With irrefutable evidence in hand, the wife sought legal advice from the lawyers Sherin and Gadli Solan, who assured her that she had grounds for divorce. As is customary in such cases, the couple was advised to attempt mediation to settle their dispute amicably. Surprisingly, while the wife now seeks a divorce, the husband pleads for peace to be restored in their home.

The husband, confronted with the undeniable evidence, admitted to deceiving his wife during the supposed reserve days. He claimed that when he wasn't doing reservist duties, he was merely spending time with friends, not indulging in an affair.