New species of venomous snake found on Australian beaches

A new species of venomous snake has been identified in Australia, with its colorful body and active hunting style being a cause for concern.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A new species of venomous snake, known as Demansia cyanochasma, has been identified in Australia.

The snake was recently found on the beaches and has a unique hunting style that makes it a fierce predator. 

What is the new poisonous snake found in Australia?

According to James Nankivell, one of the researchers from the University of Adelaide who studied this venomous reptile, the snake is common in the Australian outback and is an active predator that goes out hunting during the day.

Fortunately, the venomous species is unlikely to cause a serious bite, only pain and swelling. 

The snake's colorful body was the inspiration behind its scientific name Demansia cyanochasma.

The researchers plan to test its genetics as the genus is the most common in Australia and only their color differentiates them. There may even be a few more species out there, especially in tropical areas, Nankivell concluded.