Young at heart: 101-year-old neurologist reveals tips for a long and joyful life

Dr. Howard Tucker, an centenarian neurologist from Ohio shares his priceless insights on living a joyful and fulfilling life.

How can you stay young at heart, even in old age? (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
How can you stay young at heart, even in old age?
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Dr. Howard Tucker, a remarkable centenarian, recently celebrated his 101st birthday while continuing his full-time work as a neurologist. In a special episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, he graciously unveiled the four principles that he attributes to his longevity and happiness.

Born on July 10, 1922, in Ohio, Dr. Tucker practices in various hospitals and clinics across Cleveland. He has been happily married to his wife, a psychiatrist and former medical student, for 66 years. Together, they have raised four children and are blessed with ten grandchildren.

Dr. Tucker attributes his enduring presence to his passion for his work, meaningful relationships, and balanced lifestyle choices. He emphasizes moderation, regular exercise, and abstaining from smoking as crucial components of his well-being.

Genetics also play a part in his sustained cognitive vitality.

Dr. Tucker fondly recalls his father's vibrant life, driving himself to dinner at the age of 95 after the passing of Dr. Tucker's mother. However, he modestly acknowledges genetics as merely an advantage, not the sole determinant of a long life.

At the same time, he remains skeptical of the concept of biohacking, cautioning against overreliance on supplements and medical procedures that are subject to evolving scientific understanding.

Reflecting on the evolving medical landscape, he reminds us of historical missteps, such as doctors advocating smoking for weight loss and stress relief in the past.

Staying young at heart

During the podcast, the centenarian shared the four fundamental pillars that have contributed to his remarkable journey, which are detailed below.

Consistent work routine

Dr. Tucker's daily routine involves morning rounds with patients, afternoon office work, and evenings spent savoring the company of his wife, engaging in reading, and enjoying a martini.

Youthful perspective

Dr. Tucker's zest for life is nurtured by a youthful outlook, as he eagerly plans for future adventures, like hiking in the Alps. He attributes his vitality to surrounding himself with younger friends who keep his spirit youthful.

Active lifestyle:

In addition to his professional commitments, Dr. Tucker maintains his physical well-being through regular exercise. While he has transitioned from outdoor running to treadmill workouts, his dedication remains unwavering.

Nurturing relationships

Dr. Tucker's life is enriched by his deep love for his wife and his close-knit family. He emphasizes the importance of letting go of negativity, advocating for compromise, humility, and strong bonds.