Britney Spears leaves botox behind and suggests better alternative

The international singer shared on Instagram that she's stopping Botox. She is now exploring an alternative treatment that has left her highly satisfied.

  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Britney Spears took to her Instagram yesterday to share a significant change with her 42 million followers. In the snapshot, she proudly sports a sizeable, translucent sticker on her forehead. "I'm sharing this because it really works," she enthusiastically exclaimed.

The post marked a departure from the Botox injections Spears had previously undergone, during which she openly discussed the unsatisfactory outcomes of the cosmetic procedure and her challenging encounters with the injections.

She recounted, "For a decade and a half, my Botox treatments didn't turn out well. Remember the times when one eyebrow ended up higher than the other? I had to hide away for two weeks. I cried and wondered, 'When will this fade?'"

The repercussions of these treatments extended beyond mere eyebrow discrepancies; they encompassed forehead swelling and drooping eyelids.

"I resembled someone who had been beaten."

Britney Spears

What is Spears doing instead?

Having grown disillusioned with pouring funds into Botox, Britney now embarks on a fresh journey with a novel cosmetic approach—SIO Beauty stickers, hailed for their transformative effects. With genuine elation, she attests to feeling and appearing remarkable with the outcomes this new method offers.

Britney Spears' endorsement is unwavering as she vocally advocates trading Botox for these innovative stickers. She emphasizes her stance with unmistakable resolve: "BOTOX, it's a horror story! Sio is unbelievable."