11-year-old girl fights off armed robber using a simple loaf of bread

Viral footage captures a knife-wielding robber running away from supermarket after encountering a fearless young girl armed with bread and pumpkin juice.

 Who knew that a loaf of bread could stop an armed robbery in its tracks (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Who knew that a loaf of bread could stop an armed robbery in its tracks
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In a surprising turn of events, an 11-year-old girl cleverly escaped from an armed robber with an unexpected helper - a loaf of bread. This happened at a local supermarket in West Sussex, England, where a robber with a knife approached a cashier and demanded money from the cash register. However, the brave response from the young girl reshaped the outcome of the attempted robbery.

Captured on video, this episode rapidly gained traction online, showcasing the remarkable courage and quick thinking of a preteen girl. With just some pieces of bread and pumpkin juice, she implemented a smart defense strategy that took the robber by surprise, forcing him to quickly leave the scene.

The video, showing the confused robber quickly running away from the surprising attack with bread and juice at the Express supermarket in Worthing, went viral on the internet. People online found humor in the unusual but effective defense. In the comments under the video, people joked about how they too, run away from carbs, and one person wistfully mentioned that they wished the girl had thrown baking ingredients at the robber while she was at it.

While the incident definitely seems amusing, law enforcement agencies turned their attention to identifying and capturing the escaping criminal. According to official reports, the robber entered the supermarket with a hidden face, forcing the cashier to empty the cash register.

Taking action, the young girl, who was in the store at the time, bravely intervened by using whatever she had - including a loaf of bread and two bottles of pumpkin juice. This unexpected resistance caused the assailant to leave in frustration without any stolen items. Police authorities reassured the public that apart from the robber's wounded pride, no one was hurt during the incident.

Investigator Noel Simmonds, acknowledging the bravery of both the girl and her father, underscored the gravity of the situation. He cautioned against underestimating the risks involved when a robber wields a knife, emphasizing that while the sight of a fleeing armed robber may evoke amusement, the potential dangers remain substantial. If left unapprehend, the suspect might strike again, possibly leading to more severe consequences.

Simmonds appealed to the public's assistance in swiftly identifying the suspect, urging them to review the released security footage and images. His message stressed the collective responsibility in preventing further criminal attacks. In the end, the young girl's unexpected act of bravery serves as a strong reminder that courage and resourcefulness can make a significant impact in the face of adversity.