Man abandons wife at airport, boarding the flight without her

Would you leave your spouse behind if they ran late for a flight due to poor time management?

 Abandoned at the airport: What would you have done? (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Abandoned at the airport: What would you have done?
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

An anonymous man, aged 47, from the Pacific Northwest, posted about a complicated incident involving his 43-year-old wife and 21-year-old daughter recently. They were traveling to visit the man's family in the US when the incident occurred.

As the family headed towards their connecting flight, the wife insisted on stopping at Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee, even though there were only 15 minutes left until boarding. The airport was crowded with long queues, but her determination remained unwavering as she stood in line for her coffee.

The man explained that even thought there was a small stand near the boarding gate selling pastries and coffee, which he offered to buy for his wife, she insisted on going to Starbucks.

He added that even though he told her there just wasn't enough time, she claimed that there was and said she would walk fast and be back in time to board the flight.

 Woman rushes to catch a flight (credit: INGIMAGE)
Woman rushes to catch a flight (credit: INGIMAGE)

However, fifteen minutes passed, and she wasn't answering her phone. After three missed calls, she finally answered and explained that there was a long line and she had to wait. Realizing everyone had boarded the plane, the man urged her to hurry.

The flight attendant informed him that the boarding gate was closing, and he pleaded for a few more moments but was denied. Reluctantly, he boarded the plane. When his wife called him, saying she was back at the gate and asking where he was, it was too late.

She begged him to come back, but he reminded her that she had chosen to go despite the lack of time. He suggested she buy a ticket for the next flight and assured her he would meet her there.

Following the incident, his wife remained silent for several days. While the man is confident in his handling of the situation, many disagreed, arguing that leaving a family member behind in a foreign country is unfair and unjustifiable.