What is it like to run a hospital in a war zone?

Ask the Doctor, ep. 1 with Prof. Salman Zarka of Ziv Medical Center in Safed

 Ask the Doctor - with Prof. Salman Zarka (photo credit: JERUSALEM POST)
Ask the Doctor - with Prof. Salman Zarka
(photo credit: JERUSALEM POST)

In the first episode of Ask the Doctor, Ziv Medical Center Director-General Salman Zarka explains what it is like to run a hospital under threat of war - near the border with Syria and Lebanon.Zarka talks about the:

  • Challenges and opportunities of serving Jews, Christians, Arabs and Druze
  • Hottest topics in healthcare: Mental health, cancer, COVID
  • Needs of Israelis living in the periphery

Ziv’s mission is to improve the level of health services offered to the population of northern Israel and the hospital is doing it in a big way.

About Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor seamlessly connects everyday health concerns with the remarkable medical expertise of Ziv Medical Center in Safed. Join Prof. Salman Zarka and his team of doctors as they navigate the healthcare landscape. In each episode, we delve into diverse health topics. From mental health trends to innovative cancer care, our mini podcast series offers fresh insights. Beyond education, Ask the Doctor celebrates Ziv Medical Center's groundbreaking research, treatments, and patient stories, showcasing their unwavering dedication to community well-being. Tune in for three enlightening discussions that empower your health journey.

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