Israel's COVID chief: New variant has more than 30 mutations

Inside Israeli Innovation with Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennessey, Ep. 19

 COVID-19 models (illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
COVID-19 models (illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

This week on Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman takes you deep into the world of cutting-edge healthcare and groundbreaking research coming straight from the heart of Israel.

First, she interviews Prof. Salman Zarka, the director-general of Ziv Medical Center and Israel's former coronavirus coordinator. Zarka unravels the mysteries behind the latest COVID variant that has sent ripples across the globe: BA.2.86.

With over 30 mutations, should you be worried about this new development?

Next, Hoffman dives headfirst into the future of healthcare with Katy Bar-Shalom, CIO for the Meuhedet Health Fund. She sheds light on the incredible advancements in genetics, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine.

Discover how Israel is at the forefront of these groundbreaking technologies and what it means for the future of healthcare worldwide.

Finally, Hoffman talks with Noam Baumatz, the co-founder and COO of NOGA Therapeutics, on the latest and most innovative gene therapies to tackle severe and chronic illnesses.

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