5 Best Cash Counting Machines For 2019

A cash counter is one of the most beneficial products that a business can have. The “top 5” list can help a business decide which machine to purchase.

money counting machine (photo credit: PR)
money counting machine
(photo credit: PR)

All cash businesses need a modern cash machine that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. A cash machine makes end-of-the-day drawer counting, opening and closing procedures quick so that the supervisors can use their talents in other areas. The following are five of the best money counting machines for 2016. The consumers rated them according to pricing, efficiency, features and benefits. Business owners will fare well by investing in of these top five machines. New and existing business owners can always use some help with daunting tasks like counting large sums of money. 

1. G-Star Technology Money Counter With UV/MG W/Counterfeit Bill Detection: $99.95, Amazon


The G-Star Technology money counter is an excellent option for businesses that have large cash flows. Casinos and bars may benefit from purchasing this system. The machine is capable of handling a heavy load of up to 1,000 bills per minute. Furthermore, the system has a power-saving feature so that user can grab the machine during emergencies. Consumers rated this machine with more than four stars for its sturdiness and capabilities. It is an investment that can enhance operations greatly. 
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2. HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine UV & MG Counterfeit: $149, Amazon


The HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine is perfect for banks and other high-volume money establishments. The product has many useful and priceless features such as the ability to count foreign money. The system also checks the authenticity of all bills it processes. Furthermore, it can count the new bills and handle up to 900 bills per minute. Consumers gave it a rating of more than four stars because of its speed and precision. 
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3. Houseables Money Bills Cash Counter Bank Machine Count Currency Counting With Automatic UV and MG Counterfeit Detection: $99, Amazon


The Houseables counter goes beyond the normal capacity of bank-worthy money counter. First, its stylish casing makes it highly desirable among various locations. Second, it comes loaded with several mode options for people who want to create batch counts. Third, the machine detects counterfeits and counts up to 1,000 bills every minute. Up to 300 bills can sit in the machine at once, which means it has an extra-large capacity, as well. The Houseables counter is quite the performer. Consumers rated it with four stars for the amount of time it saves the user. 
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4. Cassida Currency Counter (5520 UV): $186, Amazon


The Cassida Currency Counter is a little more expensive than some of the other counters, but it is well worth the expense. First, the counter has a pristine casing design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the counter has features such as infrared, self-lubrication and self-diagnostics as well a high 1,300-bills-per-minute capacity. The machine is also compliant and able to read the new $100 bills. The product stands at four stars, according to consumers who raved about its speed and precision. 
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5. Blue Dot Trading Currency Bill Cash Banknote Bank Money Count Counter Detects Counterfeit Bills Notes-Money Counter (bill money counter): $97, Amazon


The Blue Dot counter is an amazing option for facilities that will use currencies from all over the world. Some of the key features that the Blue Dot counter has are auto half note detection, batching, self-examination and magnetic detection. Consumers rated the machine with more than four stars because of its precision, speed and capabilities. Some consumers referred to it as being awesome in its right. Many consumers appreciated its ability to detect counterfeit bills. The Blue Dot is also an attractive machine. Businesses would fare well by grabbing one.
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Modern businesses should have high-quality machines in their offices so that they can be more productive and efficient than usual. A business owner can choose any of the top five machines and feel confident that it will be a positive investment for the company. Many other machines are available, but the previously mentioned options soared above the multitudes for their efficiency. Our recommendation is the Houseable machine because it has the most features and beautiful casing as well.

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