The 6 Best Money Detector Machines For 2019

Here are the Best Machines to Detect Counterfeit Notes and Sort Cash Revenue

The 6 Best Money Detector Machines for 2016 (photo credit: PR)
The 6 Best Money Detector Machines for 2016
(photo credit: PR)
Money detector machines are a key component in keeping companies safe from counterfeit money and in saving workers hours in money counting. Because of the wide range and conditions of these bills—ripped, torn, stuck together, crumpled up and even washed—sometimes it can tedious to count bills. Furthermore, with up to $200 million in counterfeit notes circulating in the United States alone, the best money detector machines include UV counterfeit detection capabilities to spot fake bills before they are counted as revenue. 

From small machines that detect counterfeit bills via two methods to all-in-one machines that sort, count and check money, we’ve put six of these devices to the test in our money detector machine reviews below.

G-Star Technology Money Counter with UV/MG and Counterfeit Bill Detection: $99.95, Amazon

This G-Star product is a sturdy, accurate machine that will correctly identify damaged and untrustworthy bills with both ultraviolet and magnetic detection. Though it will not provide a final monetary amount when finished sorting, the Money Counter will sort up to 1000 bills per minute for two hours, producing a stack that is easy to add up manually. For such a low price, the G-Star machine can save hours of time-consuming work by sorting bills quickly and efficiently. 
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2. Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection: $179.99, Amazon

Cassida ramps up the money detector machine game with its comprehensive counter. Sporting the ability to count 1,300 bills per minute, the 5520 will sort bills fast. It also has an intuitive interface and will alert the user when there is a bill discrepancy (such as double notes or possible counterfeits) with a beep and an error code. Though this money detector machine can count the number of bills, the Cassida 5520 does not keep a count of the monetary value of the bills sorted—meaning that task must be done manually. 
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3. AccuBanker D63 Compact Counterfeit Detector with UV Ultraviolet and Watermark Detection: $52.00, Amazon

AccuBanker presents a very small, durable machine that can easily detect counterfeit banknotes. Coming in at only 1.2 pounds, the D63 is one of the lightest, most portable detectors on the market. It works easily by placing bills under the incandescent light, allowing the user to find the watermark strip in the bill. While it does not come with any electronic warning that bills may be fake, using the machine for its intended purpose will allow the user to feel confident that the bills received are true banknotes. 
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4. Royal Sovereign 4-Way Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detector (RCD-2000): $39.96, Amazon

This money detector machine offers several ways to detect counterfeit banknotes for an exceedingly low price. The "4-Way" description in the title refers to the four methods this machine uses to examine bills: a magnifying glass to examine microprints; a watermark verification plate to ensure proper watermarking; UV detection to reveal the hidden security thread; and a magnetic sensor to detect the iron in the bills. Backed by a three-year warranty, the RCD-2000 is a preferred money detector machine to properly verify bills. 
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5. Cassida Quattro 4-Orientation Automatic Counterfeit Detector with Battery (Quattro): $268.25, Amazon

Cassida offers yet another high-quality money detector machine specializing in counterfeit bill detection. In the Quattro, users do not need to insert bills in a certain orientation—any of the four possible orientations work equally well. The machine will instantly detect if the bill is real or fake, and it will also verify which denomination the bill is. Quick and easy to use, the Quattro is a remarkable machine, having a rechargeable battery for analyzing banknotes as well. 
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6. Drimark Dual-Test UV Counterfeit Detector (351UVB): $7.99, Amazon

Drimark offers a counterfeit-detecting pen that can be held in the palm of one hand. With built-in ultraviolet LED technology, the pen can reveal the UV-sensitive security strip without a problem. Its low weight and small size—similar to a pen or a flashlight—make it extremely convenient to carry or place next to a cash register. This money detector is absolutely unbeatable for the low price offered and is foolproof to use. 
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Each one of these money detector machines performs similar yet varied tasks. If an all-in-one, comprehensive machine is necessary, then the G-Star money counter or Cassida’s 5520 machine are the way to go. For something more portable and convenient, the Drimark dual-test pen or the Cassida Quattro are efficient and easy to use. Money detection should not be taken lightly, so it's important to use the best money detection machines, which we've listed, to ensure the legitimacy of banknotes.

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