Here's why you should not expect a Saturn exploration anytime soon

Internet users have raised questions about why we're unable to explore planets like Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter.

A montage of Saturn and its moons as captured by the Voyager 1 probe (photo credit: NASA)
A montage of Saturn and its moons as captured by the Voyager 1 probe
(photo credit: NASA)

New conspiracy theories are emerging across the internet about why astronauts have not physically explored the gas giant planet, Saturn. 

US space agency NASA has shared plans of upcoming missions and plans to explore planets such as Mars, but citizens have expressed doubts about space exploration as a whole because exploration plans have yet to include planets like Saturn and Venus.

However, their lack of the ability to explore these gas giants has sparked the interest of weary internet users -- and has caused further conspiracy theories about historic events like the moon landing.

Planets like Saturn are made entirely of gas therefore making them impossible to physically stand and walk on, unlike Mars.

What makes Saturn impossible to physically enter?

Just like Jupiter, Saturn is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium in addition to an icy mixture of water, ammonia, and methane. Deeper within the planet, some of these gases, like hydrogen, become liquid with pressure.

NASA says that though the rocky core of the gas giants is made of metals such as iron and nickel, and is believed to be heavier as much as 10 times the mass of Earth as a whole, it is still possible those would come in liquid form as well. This would make it nearly impossible to physically stand on something.

Another set of factors that would make it impossible to physically enter Saturn is the immense pressure and temperature of the planet. On Earth, atmospheric pressure is just over a single bar - 1 bar - whereas Saturn reaches more than 1 million bars.

The aforementioned barometric pressure would crush and boil humans to a crisp, in temperatures by the thousands of kelvins.

Alas - conspiracy theorists may be disappointed to learn that there is no conspiracy to keep them from exploring the planet - it is merely physically impossible without turning them into a human slushy