Colorado Traffic Lawyer David Colt explains how drivers should handle problems

Many drivers need a traffic lawyer when they get into trouble with the traffic police over a traffic violation. Driving is controlled by traffic laws that aim to keep people safe

Colorado Traffic Lawyer David Colt (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Colorado Traffic Lawyer David Colt
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Many drivers need a traffic lawyer when they get into trouble with the traffic police over a traffic violation. Driving is controlled by traffic laws that aim to keep people safe and disobedience of the laws results in traffic tickets or even serious charges depending on the severity of the case. If an offense is serious enough or if a driver is a repeat offender, it is possible the traffic ticket case may result in jail time or a driver’s license suspension or driver’s license restraint.

Hiring our experienced law firm to represent you for your Colorado traffic ticket case:

When hiring a Colorado traffic attorney you obviously want to find the best option. It may serve you well to consider a Denver Traffic Lawyer firm with much traffic ticket experience handling Colorado driver’s license and traffic violation cases. This firm has handled thousands of cases – more than 5000 – for traffic ticket cases including violations of speeding 25-39 over the limit, speeding 20-24 over the limit, speeding 40 or more miles over the limit, careless driving, reckless driving, Accidents, failure to report to police, leaving the scene of an accident, no insurance, driving under suspension, driving under restraint, driving under denial, failure to yield, speed exhibition, improper turn and many more. “Our state’s driving law are complicated. For example, there is more than 65 ways to lose your driver’s license in Colorado, including driver’s license point suspensions, driver’s license administrative suspensions, driver’s license revocations, driver’s license denials, driver’s license cancellations, CDL major disqualifications, CDL serious disqualifications and more. You may want to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about the charges listed on the ticket.” David C Colt, Colorado Traffic Lawyer.


Denver Traffic Lawyer, LLC also assists professional, commercial drivers (CDL holders) and out of state residents who have a driver’s license or traffic ticket matter in Colorado.

So what are some of the common problems drivers face in Colorado and the Denver area?

Driver’s license problems

Drivers who are caught driving without a license or driving with a suspended license must face penalties such as a heavy fine, possible jail, extended or added loss of driving privileges, and other penalties. An experienced and knowledgeable traffic lawyer can provide great help with the case to work toward a more favorable resolution of the case.

Traffic violations

A traffic lawyer helps drivers who face charges for traffic violations. A traffic violation may appear minor on the surface but have a bigger impact on driving privileges, employment opportunities and insurance rates. Tickets can lead to significant fines, in some cases jail, or a loss of a driver’s license restraint. Drivers need experienced traffic lawyers to help with traffic violation charges.

Traffic tickets

A traffic lawyer can fight against traffic tickets! Many drivers are not aware that they have the right to fight traffic tickets because they assume that they have no winning chance if they challenge the ticket. An innocent driver can win, so drivers don’t have to give up and quietly pay fines. Paying all fines without a fight may have serious penalties later on since it can result in higher fines, higher insurance premiums and accumulation of points on a driver’s permanent driving record. If a driver ends up losing his driving privilege and his job requires him to drive, it’s going to be difficult to perform his duties. That makes a traffic lawyer essential for tickets.

Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders

A traffic lawyer may prevent a major or serious CDL disqualification by defending a driver against a serious traffic offense charge, working to try and get the charge reduced to a minor offense. Be careful before you just pay your ticket, as an attorney may be able to get the charge reduced to something smaller that is not a CDL disqualification violation. Holders of commercial driver’s licenses need lawyers to defend them because they are more vulnerable than other drivers. First, they are expected to have higher standards of driving behavior and safety. Secondly, they have to comply with both general state traffic laws and very strict federal regulations.

Out of state drivers

Traffic lawyers in Colorado will help out of state drivers who get caught infringing traffic laws in Colorado while on holiday, vacation or business. This law firm can help in the case of misdemeanor traffic offense or traffic infractions, or cases which require a court appearance. This applies to ordinary drivers and commercial driver’s license holders.

Colorado is signatory to the Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC). The NRVC is an interstate agreement signed by 44 states with regard to traffic tickets that have been given to drivers who reside in a state that is different from the state in which the violation occurred. The agreement includes maintenance of an information database with all the records about non-resident drivers and unchanging procedures for the processing of traffic violations of the drivers. If a CDL holder from one state receives a ticket for a traffic violation in Colorado and fails to take care of the ticket, the driver’s home state can suspend the driver’s license until the driver takes care of outstanding ticket. Taking care of the ticket means either paying the fine or appearing in court or adhering to any requirements specified by the ticket or summons. This is why a traffic lawyer becomes valuable the defend tickets or appear court.


Numerous other offences exist, ranging from drag racing, driving under denial or cancellation, eluding a police officer and so forth. The bottom line is that in come cases, getting hold of a lawyer who understands Colorado traffic law and who knows the local court procedures in an area, can make a huge difference in the outcome of a driving ticket.