Eric Paskin Has Made it His Mission to Help People Overcome Addiction

 (photo credit: ERIC PASKIN)
(photo credit: ERIC PASKIN)


Struggling with addiction can be very overwhelming, the longer an individual has been using, the harder it is to escape the never-ending blackhole of addiction. Not only does it present countless hurdles for the individual, but it causes pain and suffering for family members and the loved ones of those who are battling addiction. The Opioid Epidemic has taken the lives of countless people, and continues to ravage our country. The Covid-19 pandemic is also difficult for recovering addicts, as the isolation and depression can cause even the strongest person to relapse. Nevertheless, there is hope out there that addiction can be controlled, and a recovering addict can experience a re-birth, giving themselves a chance to life the life they always dreamed of, addiction-free.

Eric Paskin in the founder of Restore Health and Wellness Center, he is a former addict that knows all the necessary elements needed to get rid of this life-altering curse. He wants to show people that there is hope for a better future, and it can be attained by maintaining a disciplined and strong-willed approach. 

Paskin says that most of his life was spent struggling with addiction, to the point where he experienced the tremendous pain of being homeless for several years. He got into the industry to help others like him, making it his life mission to help recovering addicts get sober and experience the beauties of the world, as well as tapping into their limitless potential that was lost in addiction. He believes that the biggest challenge for recovering addicts is getting out of their own way, as recovering addicts are often their own worst enemy when it comes to overcoming addiction.

What makes Paskin the ideal man for the job is that he is great example for other recovering addicts, having successfully overcome his personal addiction. This lets him connect with others on a more personal level, as he is able to understand and empathize with the struggles of each individual, showing them the power of a sober way of living. He is passionate about helping others take the first step in ending addiction- admitting that they have a problem and need help. This crucial first step is what saves many lives, putting recovering addicts on the right path to recovery.

What separates the Restore Health and Wellness Center from other facilities is their staff, they all share Paskin’s passion to help people overcome their debilitating addiction, doing everything in their power to save a life. Their treatment methods are very effective, as they take an individualized approach to every patient, listening to them, and talking them through any stress or hardship that may be getting in the way to their road to recovery. Paskin believes that hard work and discipline are the fundamental principles that shape an individual’s path to recovery. Paskin is a firm proponent that the first step to recovery is admitting that an individual has a problem, he also urges people to not let shame be an impediment to seeking help.

Paskin believes that in order for his business to grow, he must stick to his deeply rooted approach of caring and showing love for anyone afflicted with addiction. Paskin believes the business will expand organically, as long as effective care is provided consistently. Passionate care and love are the key ingredients shared by his staff, it permeates his facility, and is evidenced by a number of success stories that will be forever grateful for Paskin's initiative.

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