How to Become an Instagram Influencer in Little to No Time

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Everyone wants to become an Instagram influencer. Some people even call it their dream job because influencers get paid a lot of money to promote products and services to their followers. If you can increase the number of followers to your Instagram account, then you would have the potential to become an Instagram influencer as well. 
There are lots of strategies and methods for getting more Instagram followers in a short amount of time. Some people might use Stormlikes or other services that help people increase their follower counts. But you can also follow simple strategies for setting up your posts and content appropriately. It is the traditional way to increase your followers and gain influencer status. 
Below are the seven main tips for becoming an Instagram influencer.
1) Choose a Specific Niche
If you want to be an influencer, then you must present yourself as an authority of a particular niche. That way, people will be more inclined to listen to your product or service recommendations as long as they relate to that niche. 
Therefore, you must choose a niche that you’d like to specialize in. It could be any niche that you want, such as baking, cooking, skincare, video gaming, weightlifting, etc. It helps to choose a niche that interests you too. Just make sure it is a popular niche that could quickly gather a large following. 
2) Fill Out Your Biography Information
Instagram lets you fill out biographical information about yourself in 150 characters or less. Do not ignore the biography box of your profile because it could potentially help you get more followers. Try to write a biography that is clear and descriptive of who you are and what you do. 
You are allowed to place links in your biography as well. Place some links to your website or other social media websites. If people share your Instagram posts on other social media websites, then you could grow a massive following from referrals. 
3) Post Relevant Content
If you’ve chosen a niche, then you must try and stick to that niche when you post content to your account. In other words, do not post irrelevant content that has nothing to do with your niche. Keep your Instagram profile on one theme only. Then your followers will care more about your posts and will stay subscribed. 
4) Choose Effective Hashtags
The average Instagram user receives over 12% additional engagement to their posts if they use hashtags. When people search for specific hashtags on Instagram, they will discover your posts if the same hashtags are published in them. These need to be hashtags related to your niche.
For instance, if you run a video gaming channel, you would use a hashtag like #videogames or #videogaming. These are just two general examples of hashtags that would draw people to your niche if it interested them.
5) Reply to Prospects and Followers
It is not enough to post videos and images onto Instagram. You need to comment on your posts and other people’s posts regularly. If someone leaves a comment on your post, then make sure you reply to the comment with a positive message. 
When you leave comments on other people’s posts, make sure they are related to your niche. It is how other people can discover your Instagram profile and potentially follow it. Since these people will be interested in your niche, then it increases your chance of gaining more followers. 
6) Make Frequent Posts with High-Quality Content
Your Instagram posts cannot be straight-up advertisements, especially if they are low-quality. Every post you make should contain high-resolution videos or images. It will make you look like a professional person rather than some average person with a smartphone camera. 
Also, you need to make posts frequently so that you keep your followers interested in your channel. Don’t just make one post every month or two because then your followers will forget about you. Since you’re trying to build your reputation as an influencer, then you need to stay active on Instagram so that people continue to recognize you. 
7) Contact Brands and Build Your Influencer Reputation
You don’t need millions of followers to become an Instagram influencer. After you’ve gained a couple of thousand followers, you can begin to gain experience as an influencer. Do not wait for brands to contact you. Take the initiative by contacting them first. Again, make sure the brands are related to your niche.
There are online platforms available that make it easier for aspiring influencers to connect with brands. You can try out platforms like InfluencerBay, TapInfluence, and Grin to get started.