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Israel elections: Arab sector voting at all-time low - poll

Last year the Israeli-Arab population voting percentage dropped to 44.6%, an all-time low.

What happens when opposition declares the government to be illegitimate?

The prospective government was referred to by its opponents as based on fraud, dangerous to Israel’s security, “Left,” incoherent and therefore illegitimate.

Ra'am party leader Mansour Abbas at the party headquarters in Tamra, on election night, March 23, 20

Israel is ready for an Arab party in the governing coalition - editorial

More than a fifth of Israel’s nine million citizens are Arabs, and there is every reason to include an Arab party in the new coalition.

An Israeli Arab casts her ballot at a polling station in the northern town of Reineh, in 2015

Election survey: 87% of Israeli Arabs support entering or supporting gov't

Whether enough Jewish parties would be willing to sit with Arabic parties in order to form a government however, remains a different question altogether.

Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid willing to cooperate with Arab parties

Lapid’s answer is a positive sea-change in the political discourse surrounding the Joint Arab List.


Netanyahu attempts to rally the Arab vote

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled on Friday to the Arab town of Umm el-Fahm to personally witness the one-millionth person in Israel to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kfar Bara leads the way among Israeli-Arab localities

Kfar Bara is characterized by a homogeneous population of 100% Muslim Arabs and has enjoyed relative electoral stability and strong local leadership for the last 15-odd years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises to do all he can to build a coalition in a press conferen

Netanyahu's Facebook page sends warning of Arabs who 'want to destroy us'

"We turned to Facebook. They must act immediately to put an end to this racist and dangerous incitement by Netanyahu against the Arab population," said Joint List leader Ayman Odeh.


All four Arab parties running together

“We will work to improve Arab turnout so the Joint List will be a force to be reckoned with in Israeli politics,” said Balad leader Mtanes Shehadeh.

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