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Digging through ancient garbage reveals new perspective on famed Nabatean trade route

Spices and perfumes weren’t the only things being traded on the long-distance Incense Trade Route, say Israeli researchers.

Scientists discover evidence of controversial asteroid killing dinosaurs - study

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis has been debated since it was first presented in 2007. Scientists this week in South Carolina say there is evidence to support it.

Swiss treasure hunter uncovers Roman coin hoard

Using a metal detector amateur archaeologists discovered a stash of 1,290 coins, meanwhile in Spain badger searching for food over the winter dug up a stockpile of 209 Roman coins.

A Turkish flag, with the New and the Suleymaniye mosques in the background

Antiquities thieves in Turkey caught trying to sell ancient marble bathtub

Made entirely from marble, the tub is the only one of its kind found in Turkey

Second century funerary altar of teenage girl discovered in Rome

Rome is home to countless archeological sites, some of which are now tourist attractions such as the Colosseum or San Clemente. Others, like this columbarium, are still being uncovered. 

A visit to St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps.

Fossils of largest-ever marine reptiles found in Swiss Alps

Much about the ichthyosaur, the whale-like massive marine reptile, remains a mystery because very few fossil remains have been found.

Ancient Roman pottery workshop discovered in Egypt

The site is expansive and likely held spaces for ritual worship, and food preparation and sale in addition to pottery making.

Farmer unearths face of 4,500 year old statue in Gaza

Topped by snake crown, Palestinian archaeological authorities identify face with love and warrior goddess worshipped by numerous ancient Semitic cultures

Prehistoric people created art by fire -study

Researchers said the carvings are likely to have been made using stone tools by Magdalenian people, an early hunter-gatherer culture dating from between 23,000 and 14,000 years ago.

Neanderthal limbs bones

The Neanderthal lifestyle: archeological insights from Valencia

The Los Aljezares open-air site is "rich in lithic, faunal and archaeobotanical materials, and well-dated in time."

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