What do animal remains tell us about biblical Abel Beth Maacah?

Today, Tel Hazor and Tel Abel Beth Maacah represent major archaeological sites offering many insights on the ancient history of Israel.

Ancient water cistern in the Negev.
Do some cisterns in the Negev date back to the time of Abraham?

"Why did those ancient populations invest a lot of resources in quarrying and digging water cisterns in a sparse area without natural vegetation?”

Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv and the battle over Israel’s biblical archaeology

"Some think that the history of Israel should be written only by relying on sources outside the Bible."

Nahal Me‘arot Caves, Mount Carmel
500,000 years ago, inhabitants of the Carmel knew their land well

Ancient humans were able to select raw materials for their tools based on technological criteria.

How new technologies are unraveling the Dead Sea Scrolls' secrets

Many of the scrolls have deteriorated to the point that their contents are no longer visible to the naked eye, but new advancements are bringing the texts to life.

Prehistoric humans migrated to Israel during Ice Age

Before the jawbone from the Carmel was found, modern humans were thought to have left Africa around 100,000 years ago.

Proof of life-size statues of Canaanite god unveiled in biblical Lachish

If many figurines and smaller sculptures have been uncovered in the region over the decades, no intact life-size statue has ever been found in the Levant.

Lavender fields in the Golan Heights open for summer tourists

In addition to the beautiful flowers and the archaeological site, visitors can meet farmer Dan who will explain how he produces lavender oils.

Why dance? From prehistory to the Bible, scholar offers answers

The academic pointed out that the frequency of references to dancing in Jewish tradition represents a sharp contrast with what happened later on in Christianity.

Aerial view of fort and wall line - Great Wall of China
Israeli team unveils mystery of ‘Genghis Khan’ Wall for first time

Hebrew University-led researchers map the Great Wall of China complex

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