ariel sharon

One of the most controversial figures in Israeli political and military history. Before entering politics, he was a well-known respected general, considered the greatest field commander in the country's history and one of its greatest military strategist. Upon retirement from the IDF, he entered politics and was a member of the Likud. He served as Defense Minister up until the onslaught of the second Lebanon War. Sharon was a proponent of settlement construction through the 1990's, yet as prime minister in 2005, he initiated the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, a move frowned upon by his party. Facing opposition, he left the Likud and found Kadima. Sharon suffered a severe stroke in 2006 which left him hospitalized in a vegetative state up until his death in 2014.
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Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon laid to rest near Negev ranch

Former PM buried next to wife Lily in ceremony attended by thousands; Sharon's son Gilad says his father "turned the impossible into reality."


Sharon peace may have delayed legal case, Bibi’s won’t – why not?

There are many crucial differences between Sharon and Netanyahu’s cases, not the least of which is that Sharon died mid-investigation.

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What’s the connection between quantum physics and a sheep farmer? There is none but it still applies.

Saving the remnants of Jewish life in Brest

The Together Plan seeks to create a memorial wall from the headstones of destroyed graves.

MOSHE DAYAN and Ariel Sharon in 1973. The trickle became a deluge after the Six Day War

What Israel still needs to learn from Ariel Sharon

Sharon was not an ideologue but a pragmatist. As circumstances changed, he adjusted.

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