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Ariel University to send research nanosatellite SATLLA-1 into orbit

SATLLA-1's mission, which starts on Thursday, is to test out its star-tracking program, which helps the satellite position itself by using imaging from the surrounding stars.

Ariel University

Molecules: Retraction of Israeli article was 'misunderstanding'

The publication originally asked the author of the special issue, who works out of Ariel University, to remove her Israeli address from the report.

Ariel University

Ariel U. study rejected because author refused to remove 'written in Israel'

An activist group asked the journal to change the address to say "Ariel University, illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel, Occupied Palestinian Territory."

Illustrative struggle with weight.

Do our genes determine our potential to be fat or thin?

The tendency towards obesity isn't solely up to genetic hand me downs through someone's parents, it also comes from environmental factors such as nutrition and exercise as well.

US Ambassador David Friedman toasting the opening of the new medical school at Ariel University.

U.S. touts close ties with new medical school in Ariel settlement

The country’s sixth such training institute for doctors opened its doors on Sunday.

Yigal Cohen-Orgad

Ariel University Director, former MK Yigal Cohen-Orgad dies aged 82

"Yigal Cohen Orgad was a friend, a great Zionist, and the living spirit behind Ariel University," former Education Minister Naftali Bennett eulogized.

Ariel University

Ariel Energy Conference 2019: What to expect

Reduced usage of artificial lighting, bacteria prevention in pipelines using shark skin imitations, energy converters: oh my!


Leftist prof. praises McDonald's for not opening in settlements

Amir Hetsroni praised McDonald's as "supporting BDS" as he munched on french fries. The Israeli franchise of the fast-food chain has refused to open in Samaria.

DeSantis in Ariel University

“No room for BDS,” Florida Governor says in West Bank settlement visit

“I promised to be the most pro-Israel Governor in America and I sincerely thank Ariel University for presenting me the Honorary Fellowship Award,” DeSantis said.

Spider-Man spiderman

Viewing Spider-Man can fight arachnophobia suggests Israeli study

Viewing clips from Spider-Man were more effective at treating fear-of-spiders than footage of real spiders, Israeli research study suggests.

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