ariel university

Ariel University
Ariel Energy Conference 2019: What to expect

Reduced usage of artificial lighting, bacteria prevention in pipelines using shark skin imitations, energy converters: oh my!

Leftist prof. praises McDonald's for not opening in settlements

Amir Hetsroni praised McDonald's as "supporting BDS" as he munched on french fries. The Israeli franchise of the fast-food chain has refused to open in Samaria.

DeSantis in Ariel University
“No room for BDS,” Florida Governor says in West Bank settlement visit

“I promised to be the most pro-Israel Governor in America and I sincerely thank Ariel University for presenting me the Honorary Fellowship Award,” DeSantis said.

Spider-Man spiderman
Viewing Spider-Man can fight arachnophobia suggests Israeli study

Viewing clips from Spider-Man were more effective at treating fear-of-spiders than footage of real spiders, Israeli research study suggests.

Ariel University in the West Bank
Medical Ariel

Ariel University struggles to get permissions to open a medical school.

Higher Education Committee blocks medical school at Ariel

The Yesha Council accused the Council of Higher Education of “damaging the future of Israel’s medicine.”

Third Annual Tel Aviv Tattoo Convention
Women’s tattoos, piercings judged more harshly than men’s, study finds

They're motives for getting tattoos and piercings are also different!

Ariel University in the West Bank
Knesset applies Israeli law to Ariel University in West Bank

The law passed on the same evening that Israel got into an exchange of statement with the US over Washington's position on possible Israeli annexation goals.

The Knesset building
West Bank sovereignty push continues in Knesset with higher education bill

The bill is meant to facilitate the opening of a medical school in Ariel University in Samaria, but also is part of a trend of coalition lawmakers moving to apply Israeli laws to the West Bank.

Hoenlein awarded Begin Prize for Israel-Diaspora leadership

Chancellor of Ariel University also receives prize.

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