Netanyahu lands in Washington to sign deals with UAE, Bahrain

“We now have two historic peace agreements with two Arab countries within one month... It will be a warm peace,” Netanyahu said.

Bahrainis voice strong opposition over normalization deal with Israel

Unlike the relatively positive public response that was seen in the United Arab Emirates, the responses in Bahrain were harsher.

Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Sultan Qaboos bin Said in Oman
Why Oman’s support for Bahrain-Israel deal is important for the Gulf

It would be wrong to interpret these statements as merely happenstance or random.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu meets Sultan Qaboos bin Said in Oman.
Oman welcomes Bahrain-Israel normalization decision

Bahrain on Friday became the second Gulf country to normalize ties with Israel after the United Arab Emirates said they would do so a month ago, moves forged partly through shared fears of Iran.

Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi meet with Mike Pompeo, August 24, 2020.
Gantz, Ashkenazi knew about Israel-Bahrain deal

While Netanyahu is abroad, Gantz to fill in as prime minister

The Hezbollah flag
Lebanon's Hezbollah condemns Bahrain move to normalize Israel ties

Bahrain joined the United Arab Emirates in agreeing to normalize relations with Israel on Friday, a move forged partly through shared fears of Iran.

After Bahrain, spotlight on Saudi role amid normalization deals

The larger picture for Saudi Arabia is more complex. It is the leading powerhouse of the Gulf.

Years in the making: Bahrain and Israel establish relations

In the last few years, Bahrain’s former foreign minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa tweeted his support for Israel’s military operation to expose and destroy Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnels.

Which Islamic countries are supporting the Bahrain deal and why?

Overall the Bahrain normalization deal appears to have been received with less media coverage in the region than the previous UAE deal.

Foreign Ministry: We will work to open an embassy in Bahrain soon

“Movement of people, goods and finance is the central key to realizing the great potential in the relations."

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