Plasma bags are pictured at the Interregional Transfusion CRS in Bern

Blood plasma transfusion may be effective for immunocompromised COVID patients - study

The research sheds light on treatment methods for the deadly pandemic that could help many high-risk immunocompromised COVID patients.

Sweet success in Ben & Jerry’s-MDA blood donor project

To sweeten the project, Ben & Jerry’s set up ice-cream carts at four blood donation stations across the country where anyone who donated blood received free ice cream.

Lab-grown red blood cells transfused into people in first trial -NHS

Two people have been given the lab-grown cells and have so far had no side effects. 

Undead, unknown: Scientists discover identity of 19th century vampire

In 1990, the body of an unknown man was dug up in Griswold, Connecticut, and it was clear to those who discovered him that something about him was unusual. Now, scientists have found the answer.

'Golden blood' - only 43 people in the world have this rare blood type

If you have type AB blood and you are used to hearing how rare it is, you will be surprised to hear that there is one type even rarer. So what are we talking about?


How to make tattoos hurt less: Scientists make painless tattoos - study

While tattoos are wanted, and sometimes needed, the agonizing pain included in the deliverance deters people from getting them.

Test tubes, taken by a health care worker, with plasma and blood samples after a separation process

Blood types: What are blood types and what do they mean? - explainer

Your blood type is determined by several factors and is important in helping you get a blood transfusion if necessary. Here is everything you need to know.

  Stroke (illustrative)

Fast-acting white blood cells can protect from strokes - study

The new University of Pittsburgh study offers a potential therapy for protection against stroke – at least in mice.

Iron buildup in brain can raise risk of movement disorders - study

Iron overload, usually caused by the genetic condition hereditary hemochromatosis, can cause a wide number of health issues, but this study sheds light on its impact on the brain.


Cats injured in wildfires at risk of deadly blood clots

Researchers discovered that cats with injuries from wildfires had more overactive platelets than healthy cats or even those with heart disease.

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