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Israel elections: Israel is in for a wild campaign season - opinion

In Israel, every day is dramatic and this is true all the more so in politics. This campaign season will be primal and highly charged.


Israel Elections: Netanyahu can't form coalition, Meretz shifts playing field - poll

Meretz returning to the political playing field is the cause behind Netanyahu's bloc drop to 59, the latest poll indicates.


Research shows Blue and White voter profiles closer to Yesh Atid than to New Hope

A new analysis breaks down voter profiles based on differing criteria, including ethnicity, income, political camp, religious observance, gender and age.

Israel Elections: New poll finds no bloc can form a government

According to a new poll, the bloc of parties supporting Netanyahu would earn 59 seats, while the opposing bloc would earn 51.

Israel needs a new political culture, not mergers - analysis

Political mergers -- as dramatic as they may seem -- are not going to extricate Israel from its political morass.


Blue and White MK Alon Tal defends 'triumphant' Norwegian Law - interview

Despite the opposition's ridicule of the "Norwegian" MKs and its claims of hypocrisy, the law was a success for two reasons, MK Alon Tal explains.

Change gov't moved Israel forward - MK Ruth Wasserman Lande

Her perspectives from the political center and close relationship with party leader Benny Gantz, who could be kingmaker in the next coalition, give her unique insights into Israeli society and policy

Yesh Atid MK Boaz Toporovsky

Toporovsky to serve as de facto coalition head

Toporovsky will convene the meetings of faction chairmen who decide what bills will be legislated and their timetable. He will also ensure a majority for every bill brought to a vote.


Europe should establish coordinated body on Abraham Accords - MK

Blue and White MK Ruth Wasserman-Lande called on the European Union to set up an inter-governmental body to implement accords policies and get Europe to join.


Benny Gantz, Gideon Sa'ar could run together if government collapses - report

Sa'ar's New Hope faction, which barely crosses the 3.25% threshold in recent polls, would be given a lifeline by the defense minister's Blue and White party.

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