Brain damage

Does the human brain know when something sounds wrong?

Our brains are capable of distinguishing noises that are natural, compared to those that are perhaps a bit off-key.

Brain tumors: What early signs should you look out for?

Brain tumors sound scary and unfortunately, in most cases, they are a surprise. Here are symptoms that could serve as warning signs.

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Brain-eating amoeba likely killed child in Nebraska

Further tests are being conducted to confirm that the amoeba involved was, in fact, Naegleria Fowleri. 

Man dies after contracting brain-eating amoeba in northern Israel

Only around 400 cases of the disease have been diagnosed worldwide with a 98.5% mortality rate.

Aphasia: Israelis work to give voice to this brain condition

“We want to teach others about aphasia, to teach them how to be more inclusive,” Leora Ashman explained. Ultimately, their goal is nothing less than, “To make aphasia a buzzword.”

Possible cause of long COVID ‘brain fog’ revealed - study

In the course of their research, scientists found that the neurological effects of long-COVID were strikingly similar to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Combining drawing tasks is a more accurate screening for cognitive impairment – study

Researchers have found a better way to detect Alzheimer’s outside of medical facilities.


Our brains can reach over 40°C - study

When it’s 40 degrees Celsius, it’s so hot that we fall into bed exhausted and depleted. Yet new research has found that certain parts of our brains are at this high temperature. How is this possible?

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Promising future for brain injury treatment - study

“We’ve known for a long time that the communication between different brain cells can change very dramatically ... but we haven’t been able to see what happens in the whole brain until now."

Israeli scientists discover how human brain processes movement

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology scientists found that computation occurs not just in the interaction among nerve cells but also within each individual neuron. 

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