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Musings of an Israeli in America

According to the travels of Brian Blum, America has changed since the pandemic: Anti-vaxxers are everywhere, there are meat-free burgers, and the political vitriol has gotten worse.


Israeli hamburger restaurants use innovation in their menus

Distinctive delivery hamburgers from Agadir/Cafe Nelson and Burger King.


McDonald's to introduce plant-based food options to menu in 2021

While the McPlant line has been announced, McDonald's refuses to do the same with regard to its plant-based foods supplier - although many indications hint that it will be Beyond Meat.

Burger King combats climate change, adds lemongrass to livestock diet

Scientists have been working on ways to reduce methane emissions, by either breeding animals that burp less, adjusting their diets so they produce less methane and planting trees in pastures.

Burger King's new campaign advertises a moldy Whopper

"The beauty of no artificial preservatives," the tagline read.

Burger King

Holy bacon! Burger King uses Orthodox ad to tout kosher version

At the bottom of the ad, in lettering and grammar meant to resemble a biblical verse, are the words, "And may the house be filled with the smell of turkey bacon."

Burger King Logo

Burger King scraps plastic toys in children's meals, launches amnesty

The action at its restaurants across Britain will save an estimated 320 tonnes of single use plastic every year, the fast food giant said.

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