Go away: Arye Deri should quit Israeli politics forever and stay home - opinion

I conjecture that Deri would sell every Judea and Samaria settler to the Saudis, twice over, if that were to earn Shas-affiliated schools a 2% budget increase.

Netanyahu firing driver state witnesses is conflict of interest - A-G office

Netanyahu has allegedly fired three drivers that are witnesses in his corruption case.

Coalition ponders plans if High Court nixes Deri appointment

Discussions within the coalition are ongoing based on the assumption that Shas won't agree to Deri serving as just an MK throughout the Knesset's tenure.

Deri Law within Knesset rights, High Court no authority to strike -gov't

Baharav-Miara, according to Israeli media, will object to the appointment of Deri due to his past criminal convictions, but will not oppose the amendment to the Basic Law.

European parliament launching procedure to waiver immunity of two MEPS following Qatar scandal

Two members of European Parliament have had their immunity waivered for accepting bribes from Qatar

By Charlotte Van Campenhout/Reuters

European Parliament corruption: Kaili's partner confesses to role in case

Investigators believe that Francesco Giorgi hoped to exonerate his partner, Eva Kaili by confessing.


Why Qatar’s involvement in EU scandal may impact Middle East - analysis

Several European Parliament members were found to have been involved in corruption with Qatar.

European Parliament, Strasbourg

EU-Qatar graft scandal uncovered by year-long, pan-Europe probe, Belgium says

Intelligence agencies all over Europe cooperated over a year to uncover one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the European Union.


EU lawmakers arrested in connection to Qatar corruption scandal

Prosecutors said they had suspected for months that a Gulf state, reportedly World Cup host Qatar, was trying to influence decisions in Brussels.


Argentinian VP Cristina Kirchner receives 6-year jail term in corruption case

Kirchner was a central suspect in an alleged government cover up of of Iran's possible role in the bombing of a Jewish community center.

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