Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Ministry to invest NIS 50m. in development of Golan Heights

At present, agriculture constitutes more than 50% of the region’s economy. 

APPLES AND honey: The classic Rosh Hashanah combination.

What foods are Israelis buying for Rosh Hashanah?

The Agriculture Ministry released data on consumption rates around the Jewish New Year.

US investigates seed packets sent nation-wide postmarked from China

State agriculture departments have also reported packages postmarked from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, though most are reportedly from China.

orange fruit tree nature

Finland rejects 104,000 kilos of Israeli oranges with banned pesticide

Authorities rejected eight consignments of oranges since February due to the discovery of bromopropylate, which has been banned in the EU.

Cows graze in a grassy area near Mas'ada in the Israeli Golan Heights

New behavior analysis AI tech allows you to improve a cow's 'moood'

The system uses a unique imaging technology in order to precisely track the activity of each cow and to automatically analyze the complex and social behaviors of the cattle.

Durian fruit

Abandoned bag with durian fruit found at Ben Gurion

The fruit was found inside an abandoned bag next to a garbage bin at the baggage claim hall at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

Giving a hoot

“Since we started working with the Barn Owl Project, we have definitely decreased our use of rodent poison,” stated Nimrod Wolf.

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