Dore Gold

Dore Gold
Dore Gold says countries should help Israel fight 'fake history'

Former Netanyahu appointee says countries should prevent the erasure of Jewish history from Jerusalem.

Dore Gold: Give UNIFIL a mandate 'to clean out' southern Lebanon

“I hope that none of those criticizing Israel’s warfare needs to face this dilemma, but it is part of our responsibility as a country, and especially as a Jewish country,” Dr. Gold said.

Dore Gold
Twitter account of former high-ranking official hacked by Turkish group

The account of Dr. Dore Gold, president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and former director-general of the Foreign Ministry, was hacked, and restored, on Saturday night.

THE FRONT of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. Will it move to Jerusalem?
House Republicans call for Jerusalem embassy move

In December, Trump will have to decide whether to move the embassy or to delay the decision another six months.

dore gold
A glimpse into Israel's clandestine diplomacy

Veteran Israeli diplomat Dore Gold attempts to dispel what he considers to be false perceptions of Israel’s isolation.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran continues to call for Israel’s destruction despite nuclear deal

Dore Gold, former Foreign Ministry director-general, says not ‘one iota’ of moderation has been seen from Tehran.

Chuck Norris
What is Chuck Norris doing in Israel?

Former Foreign Ministry director Dore Gold posted a photo of himself alongside the actor and martial artist at a restaurant in Herzliya on Saturday.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold
Jerusalem Grapevine: Agnon jubilee

News briefs from around Jerusalem.

Balfour Declaration
Battle over Balfour Declaration heats up... 99 years after it was issued

"There was already a Jewish majority in Jerusalem in the mid-19th century, well before the Balfour Declaration."

Dore Gold
'Israel has every right to refuse a 1967 withdrawal'

Former FM director-general: Since 1973 the US has assured Israel it won’t back changes to UNSC 242.

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