Health orgs. demand Smotrich raise tax on e-cigarettes

Health organizations warned Smotrich that e-cigarettes are still dangerous and canceling the tax will cause a smoking epidemic among Israel's youth.

Don't be fooled: 5 facts about the truth behind vaping

How safe is vaping, and do the claims made by those marketing these devices hold up under scientific scrutiny? Here are the facts.

Health Ministry: Avoid ‘Nice Guy’ E-cigs sold in kiosks, online

“Nice Guy” drugs have caused the death of young people and the hospitalization of many others.

Israel's top cigarette firm drove haredi smoking addiction with targeted ads

Using loopholes to the laws banning the advertisement of tobacco products, Philip Morris International spent NIS 3 million on targeted smoking and vaping ads in the haredi sector.

E-cigarettes are more dangerous than you can imagine. Here's why

Many smokers know that the vapor-liquid in electronic cigarettes has nicotine and flavoring agents, but many don't know about the toxic ingredients.


Secondhand exposure to vaping can cause serious respiratory issues - study

Although marketed as a safer alternative to cigarettes, vaping can still cause severe respiratory health issues in those repeatedly exposed to it.

israeli soldiers smoking cigarettes

Can smoking alternatives help keep you healthy? - study

Researchers found that those who switched to smoking alternatives were less exposed to a number of harmful substances.

COVID-19: Could vaping make the virus more infectious? - study

The study also found that male mice in particular experienced significantly increased harmful effects when nicotine was added to the vapor.

E-cigarettes are most widely used smoking cessation aid, but don't work

E-cigarettes are not effective in helping adults quit smoking despite being the most widely used product for smoking cessation-ahead of all FDA approved cessation aids combined.

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