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Religious tools and common vessels found

Rare finding supports idea of high literacy rates among biblical Jews

The finding, a complete inkwell dating to the end of the Second Temple period, was made at the Horvat Brachot excavation site in Gush Etzion.

Bird study backs Bible: Pigeons, doves sacrificed in ancient Jerusalem

From the story of Noah and the dove in the Book of Genesis to the issues of ritual sacrifices and dietary restrictions, birds play a very important role in the biblical text.


Ancient palace discovered Iraqi reservoir made possible by drought

"The find is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the region in recent decades," Kurdish archeologist Hasan Ahmed Qasim said in a press release.

sharafat archeology

Impressive Jewish artifacts found in Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem

2,000-year-old olive and wine presses, a burial cave and mikvah from the descendants of the Maccabees were found in south Jerusalem neighborhood.

The ancient wine press and inscription uncovered at Tzur Natan.

Archaeologists uncover 1,600-year-old estate in Tzur Natan

Israeli archaeologists discovered a 1,600-year-old estate in Tzur Natan in central Israel that they believe belongs to a wealthy Samaritan man.

Archeology: pieces of an 1,500-year-old ceramic oil lamp discovered by Israeli students

Elementary school pupils dig up a piece of Jewish history

“These pieces of the oil lamp that was found are important for us because they are a good representation of quality craftsmanship from that time."

A complete seal bearing the name “Achiav Ben Menachem.”

Seals from Judean period shed light on ancient Jerusalem

Some of the seals are inscribed with biblical names, several of which are still used today, such as Pinchas.


Left-wing NGO petitions High Court to halt Western Wall Tunnel excavations

‘According to law, a ministerial committee must convene and decide whether to approve the archaeological excavations carried out in the tunnel,’ says Emek Shaveh.

The entrance to the underground Zippori archeological site

Israel nabs 'antiquities pirates' at archeological site

Bandits attempted to loot underground 2,000-year-old excavation site from Roman period.

Sicily italy

Did humankind originate in the Mediterranean?

Could the scientific consensus that humanity's ape-like ancestors originated in Africa be wrong?

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