Crocodile heads found in Egyptian tombs in Theban Necropolis

The nine heads were placed inside two tombs - all belonging to “high-ranking nobles.”

3,500 year-old gold jewelry pieces discovered in Egyptian necropolis

The jewelry collection was discovered by a team of Egyptian and English archaeologists.

Headless Maya statue discovered in excavation of ancient city

The limestone statue has been nicknamed "Yum keeb" - or the god of phallus and fertility.

Archaeological discovery in Iraq reveals ancient palace doors

The excavations that led to this discovery began in mid-October. It was also the first major excavation in the area since it was destroyed in 2016 by ISIS, sources said.

2,500-year-old Etruscan temple discovered in Vulci, Italy

The temple was discovered during the Vulci Cityscape Project which intended to learn about the settlement strategies and urban structures of the eponymous city,

Massive Trojan War mosaic uncovered in Syria

A Roman mosaic spanning 20 meters in length and six meters in width depicting the Trojan War was uncovered in Syria earlier this week.

Archaeologists may have found temple of Poseidon in Greek Samicum

Ancient texts describe a temple dedicated to the Samian Poseidon located near the ancient city of Samicum.

Cache of 44 Byzantine-era solid gold coins uncovered in Israeli nature reserve

The coins are thought to have been buried around the time of the Muslim Conquest of the Levantine Byzantine Empire in 635 AD.

What is the secret of the massive ancient pottery found in UAE?

The recent excavation of an archaeological site in the United Arab Emirates may have unlocked questions professionals in the field have never asked before.

Georgian archaeologists find 1.8-million-year-old human tooth

This discovery provides yet more evidence that the mountainous south Caucasus area was likely one of the first places early humans settled after migrating out of Africa.

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