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Ax-1: Israel's astronaut Eytan Stibbe returns to Earth

Israel’s own Eytan Stibbe, along with three other astronauts, successfully landed after almost a two-week stay in orbit in the historic Axiom mission 1


Ax-1: Israel's astronaut Stibbe set for Monday splashdown on Earth

Eytan Stibbe, who was conducting 35 experiments as part of the Rakia mission, was originally supposed to end his 10-day stay in space last Wednesday but bad weather conditions forced a delay.


How will Israeli astronaut Stibbe's time in space affect his vision?

Researchers conducting the first Israeli biomedical research on the International Space Station believe that Stibbe’s vision will not deteriorate during his short space flight.

Ax-1: Israel's astronaut Eytan Stibbe's return home delayed again

The Ax-1 mission, led by Houston-based start-up Axiom Space in partnership with SpaceX and NASA, is a historic moment for science and space travel.


Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe talks before flying to space

Many in Israel and around the world are cheering on the mission of the second Israeli astronaut in space.


Stibbe to try Shabbat candle-lighting experiment in space with Israeli kids

Kids from a haredi school in Jerusalem won a contest and came up with a possible way to make candles last longer than 20 minutes in space.


President Herzog talks to Israel’s man in space, Eytan Stibbe

Eytan Stibbe’s arrival on the ISS was widely anticipated for the groundbreaking Rakia mission


The Israeli astronaut is bringing handmade matzah to the ISS

Eytan Stibbe, the second Israeli austronaut in space, said he is also bringing a wine cup with him, although one drinks through a straw in space.


Israel's second astronaut launched into space

The mission, led by Israel’s Science and Technology Ministry and the Ramon Foundation, selected 35 different experiments for Eitan Stibbe to undertake during his 10-day stay in orbit.


Israel's 2nd astronaut to launch Friday on mission to ISS

Eitan Stibbe's long-awaited Rakia mission, flying as part of the Axiom mission 1, will see 35 experiments conducted on the International Space Station.

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