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Mullets find new home in Kinneret, help preserve lake's ecosystem

Populating the Kinneret with mullets usually takes place once a year. It's done in order to preserve the lake's quality of water by maintaining a balanced population of algae.

How bottom-dwelling fish conceal themselves from predators

However, little is known surrounding the fish who live close to the ocean floor and how they are able to utilize these abilities.

Yemeni fishermen fix nets at a Red Sea port, Al Mina district, the Al-Hodeid Governorate

How Yemen's fishermen became ensnared in diplomatic spat

Disagreements over Red Sea islands and fishing rights once thought to have been settled with Eritrea flare anew

SNORKELERS SWIM with a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, at the Maldives’ South Ari Atoll in 20

Whale sharks have layer of teeth on their eyes, new study finds

Whale sharks are the largest non-mammal vertebrate in existence, growing as long as 59 feet, or 18 meters, in length. Though endangered, they have been spotted near Eilat, but are harmless to humans.

Blue Tilapia

Israeli research may help fish multiply, tackle world hunger

As explained in an article recently published by 'Nature Microbiology,' the group managed to identify the functionality of fish's core microbiomes

San Diego aquarium successfully breeds rare weedy sea dragon fish

The fish are native to Australia and, due to their small population numbers, little is known about the species.

Live gaebul (AKA 'phallic' fish) sold at a fish market at Busan, South Korea

'Phallic fish' wash up on California shore

The worms are described to be approximately 25 centimeters in length and "pulsing."

Aroma Tel Aviv

Two suffer acute poisoning after eating tuna fish at Aroma Tel Aviv

The restaurant was forbidden to sell any more tuna fish until all health defects will be addressed; However, Channel 12's hidden camera proved that the fish is still on the restaurant's menu.

Excellent fish and reasonable prices

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