Fish-free vegan ‘tuna’ in the can created by Israeli company

Israeli company Vgarden has developed a plant-based tuna substitute whose production uses only minimal energy consumption and water.

World's largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium bursts in Berlin hotel

Neither the fire brigade nor the police commented on the fate of the fish.


Israel may see shortage of beef, chicken, fish

The Health Ministry's vets are striking because of pay issues, conditions of work and not enough manpower.

By Walla!

Catholic Church can curb carbon emissions by returning to meat-free Fridays, study suggests

The practice dates back to the first century CE, when Pope Nicholas I declared that Catholics were required to abstain from eating meat on Fridays in memory of the death and crucifixion of Christ.

Something's fishy here: Goldfish show keen ability to estimate distances

Oxford biologists create a clearer picture of how spatial navigation systems developed thanks to their study of goldfish.

Stressed out? This is what you should and shouldn't eat

Experts recommend which food you should - and shouldn't - eat in order to reduce everyday anxiety and stress.


Can hi-tech fish farming replace traditional agriculture?

Biologist Roni Hochman Sussman explains how aquaculture could become the most sustainable and efficient way of feeding the globe’s rapidly increasing population.

Does the Red Sea contain a 'nursery' for endangered manta rays? - study

Mantas and stingrays live all across the ocean in warm regions, but mantas – unlike stingrays – can’t live in freshwater.

Smells fine to me: Liberman cancels fish taxes in Israel

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman signed on the cancellation of duty fees for the import of fresh, frozen and processed seafood.

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