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Jews are terrified to walk in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter - opinion

For Jews to walk to the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, they have to fear for their lives.

Israel's Jerusalem Day: Influential rabbi speaks out against flag march to MKs

The spiritual leader of the Degel HaTorah Knesset faction questioned why the "needles and dangerous" flag march was allowed to be carried out.

Israel's Jerusalem Day: Israelis march to 'show love of Israel, not hate for Arabs'

Israelis attending the Jerusalem Day flag march discuss what drives them to attend, racist chants heard and criticism over the "inciting and violence-inducing" parade.


Jerusalem Day: Israelis let their hair down about coexistence

“But, you know, coronavirus wasn’t the real virus here. You know what the real virus is? Arabs.”


Israel's Jerusalem Day: Police must have zero tolerance for flag march provocateurs - Bennett

The flag march, held in Israel's capital for over 30 years, is one of the central features of the Jerusalem Day celebration.

Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces in Jerusalem, as Jewish groups conducted a flag march

MK Ben-Gvir to be allowed on Temple Mount ahead of flag march

Despite concerns that Jews praying on Temple Mount will further provoke tensions, Israel Police are not expected to stop them from visiting the site. 

Israel bracing for violence, rocket fire on Jerusalem Day

Hamas called on Palestinians to protect our Islamic and Christian holy sites and to raise the Palestinian flag everywhere to "emphasize the Arab identity of the land and Jerusalem."

Do Palestinians prefer united Jerusalem under Israeli rule? - opinion

There is much debate over the existence and route of the Jerusalem Day flag march which is planned to go through Damascus Gate.


Jerusalem Day flag march should be done sensitively - editorial

Tensions surrounding Jerusalem have been high for a while, and Hamas has made threats to Israel if the march goes on as planned.

My Word: The Jerusalem flag conundrum

Nothing demonstrates the problems and paradoxes of Jerusalem’s status and situation as this annual event, a celebration of the reunification of the capital during the Six Day War.

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