food allergy

  Person with rash (illustrative)

What is known about hives? Can it put your life in danger?

Urticaria is the scientific name for hives. What’s known about it? All your questions answered

By Dr. Lahavit Ackerman/Walla!
Shofar at the Western Wall, September 4, 2018

Woman saved after near-fatal reaction during Rosh Hashanah

The severe reaction happens when a person is exposed to the particle for a second time in their life, after their body had wrongly "marked" it as dangerous during the first exposure.

Ant (illustrative)

Meat allergy in the US is slowly being eradicated by fire ants

The "alpha-gal" meat allergy is caused by the bite of the lone star tick.


Teacher kicks out student because of egg allergy

The preschool teacher told the student's mother that if anything happened to him at school it was the parents' responsibility, not hers.

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