Can you guess what paprika is made of?

Sweet paprika is one of the most common and useful spices available, but it turns out that very few people know how to prepare it.

 Hot peppers (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Hot peppers
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Paprika is one of the most common and popular spices out there, but it seems that there are quite a few people who don't know what this spice is made of. In a recent post by an Australian food company, they explained to their followers that paprika is a spice that is really easy to make and is simply made from fresh ground dry pepper

People were surprised to hear how simple it was to make paprika.

Yes, you can make paprika yourself without much effort. Here's what you need: pieces of moderately hot peppers (depending on whether you want sweet or hot paprika). There are hotter versions of paprika that include chili peppers, as well as sweeter versions of paprika that include pieces of gamba.

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Results show themselves

So to make paprika you just need to take peppers or gambas. Dry them in the oven, cut them into thin strips and then grind them and voila: you have paprika. Of course, this is why paprika is called pepper in Hebrew and in the Hungarian language the word "paprika" refers to any kind of pepper - there they mainly use the sweeter version.

"Wait, what?!! I can't believe you! I'm actually shocked - I hate peppers," wrote one shocked follower of @nutraorganics, a food Instagram page, where the "shocking fact" was posted.

Pepper lovers were equally amazed. "I love peppers but I really hate paprika," wrote one.

"They say you should never meet your heroes. I say never find out how your favorite spice is made," wrote @nutraorganics after the post. "I don't know why I thought there was a paprika tree somewhere," he added."

One follower suggested calling paprika "pepper powder" to make it less confusing. And if you think that shows a lack of knowledge, how about what someone wrote in the comments? "I was a boy 30 when I realized that raisins are dried grapes."