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NSO affair mountainous scandal gets much smaller - opinion

So far, preliminary examination of the evidence offered by Ganon in his Calcalist articles is far from being conclusive.

Osem cancels plan to increase product prices

Osem intended on raising the prices of their products by five percent.

Pasta, the poor and giving - opinion

I often encourage people when making a budget to add a line item, charity. This way they are always putting money on the side in order to give.


Could price hikes and cost of living turn Israel against Bennett?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Eleven years after the July 2011 socioeconomic protests, disgruntled consumers are headed back to the streets.


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called to lead cabinet dedicated to stop rise in prices

A special Knesset meeting took place after a recent wave in food and household prices that upset many.

Gradually increasing prices could lead to ruin for lower-income Israelis - analysis

Israel has one of the world’s highest income wage gaps, with the bottom 50% of the nation making 19 times less than the top 10%.

Osem postpones price increase as Israelis lament rising costs

'Now is the time to say something; to get everyone together and scream about it.'

Israel's consumer discontent: Goodbye cottage cheese boycott, hello pasta protest - comment

Up until now, consumer discontent has been relegated largely to complaints on Facebook pages. But there is no guarantee it will stay that way.


Israel's gas, electric, and food prices climb as Consumer Price Index jumps

The pandemic’s effect on consumers’ demand continues to plays a significant role in the CPI’s increase.

Inflation in Israel hits highest rate for decade in 2021

Inflation hit its highest rate for a decade in 2021, after negative inflation of 0.7% in 2020 due to the COVID crisis.

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