Mummified bees from time of King Solomon found off coast of Portugal

Many such fossilized cocoons have been found, some going back 100 million years in the fossil record, yet none so far have been found with the preserved body of its occupant still inside.

240-million-year-old giant amphibian fossil receives new recognition

The creature inhabited fresh waters in what is now known as the Sydney Basin during the Triassic period. It likely fed on ancient fish like Cleithrolepis but little else is known.


Scientists find oldest fossilized jellyfish - study

These fossils are considered to be especially valuable as it is rare for jellyfish to fossilize because they are made up of 95% water.

Ancient whale from Peru may be most massive animal ever on Earth

Whales evolved a bit more than 50 million years ago from hoofed, land-dwelling mammals as big as a medium-sized dog.


Experience the beauty and history of the Tuf Kerem Maharal Reserve

Keep an eye out for volcanic ash (tuf) and even some fossils that froze in the ancient marine rocks. The fossils provide a glimpse of sea life in the long book of life on Earth. 


Dramatic fossil shows pugnacious mammal attacking a dinosaur

"Dinosaurs nearly always outsized their mammal contemporaries, so traditional belief has been that their interactions were unilateral - the bigger dinosaurs always ate the smaller mammals."


The king takes flight: New pterosaur 'Elvis' receives scientific name

The pterosaur was nicknamed after the king of rock and roll due to a giant pompadour-like bony crest on its skull.

Step this way: When did humans learn how to walk upright? - study

Through digitally recreating the muscles of an early human ancestor, research has shed new light on how humans evolved to walk upright.

After nearly 100 years, scientists solve puzzle of ancient predator's skull

Crassigyrinus would have likely been a feared predator in its day, as it would have behaved somewhat like a modern crocodile.

T-Rex skeleton sells for more than $6 million at Swiss auction

More than half of the skeleton's bones are original. The rest are replacements made from plaster and epoxy resin casts.

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