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Kanye West claims Planned Parenthood, KKK conspired to 'control Jew population'

Kanye doubled down on unsupported claims that "the people known as the race black really are" Jews in footage cut from his recent Fox News interview.

Kanye West: Abraham Accords was signed 'to make money' for Kushner family

Rapper Kanye West appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to discuss his thoughts and feelings on the Abraham Accords agreement.

Palestinian President Abbas' holocaust comment is not new - analysis

The New York Times and Fox News may forget his comments soon, but Israelis will remember it, maybe not the exact words, but the overriding sentiment. 


Fox Nation's Lara Logan says Rothschilds paid Darwin to invent evolution theory

Lara Logan has been know to spread antisemitism and conspiracy theories. Last November, she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

Russia-Ukraine war: Fox News journalist injured near Kyiv - report

The reporter, correspondent Benjamin Hall, was injured outside the capital while gathering news. He is hospitalized but other details surrounding the incident and his condition are unknown.

'Stupid son of a b****': Biden curses at reporter on question about inflation

Doocy, who later appeared on Fox News that day, said that he didn't hear Biden's remarks about him, but jokingly said that "no one has fact-checked him on that."

McDonald's at Ben Gurion.

Fox News shares video saying Israeli McDonalds' Green Pass policy is 'Nazi'

Fox News on Sunday published an article featuring a TikTok video in which a man compares a COVID-19 vaccination policy at a McDonald's in Beit Shemesh to 'Nazi Germany.'

Fox News removes cartoon depicting George Soros as a puppet master

Soros has been the target of antisemitic conspiracy-mongering in recent years.


Fox News Christmas tree in New York City set ablaze, man arrested

Fox News security personnel called police shortly after midnight when they saw a man climbing the tree located at Sixth Avenue and 48th Street, police said.

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