The voices of Jewish-African leaders have never been lost

“If you are in Israel or Ghana, you have one God, one Torah. If the people in Israel are keeping Shabbat, us Hebrews in Ghana will also keep Shabbat and pray to Hashem.”

Are genetic mutations random in humans? Israeli study says no

A study by the University of Haifa researchers claims not all genetic mutations of human genes are randomized, challenging neo-Darwinism.

Israeli technology protects millions of Ghanaian residents from floods

The technology can be used to design a dam system and protect river tides to reduce the risk of floods.

Ghana parliament begins public hearings on new anti-LGBT+ law

Gay sex is already punishable by prison time in Ghana, the new bill would go much further, criminalizing the promotion and funding of LGBT+ activities and more.


Former Ghana president Jerry Rawlings dies at 73

From 1981 to 1993, Rawlings ruled as chairman of a joint military-civilian government.

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