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Writer J.K. Rowling attends the British premiere of 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' mo

Putin says Russia canceled just like J.K. Rowling, compares to Nazi book burnings

Rowling responded to the Russian leader, saying that "critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians."


Pastor leads burning of 'Harry Potter' books, says they're 'demonic'

Pastor Greg Locke has a large social media following and is known for being a staunch Trump supporter.

Jon Stewart testifies in front of the House Judiciary Committee

Jon Stewart backtracks, says he was joking when he called ‘Harry Potter’ goblins antisemitic

In his earlier podcast episode, Stewart talked about the series’ goblin characters, who run the wizarding world’s bank and covet gold.

Actress Emma Watson is seen on the red carpet

Fight real antisemitism, not Emma Watson - editorial

If we shout “antisemitism” too often about relatively tame criticism of Israel, and if many people become inured to the shouts, we lose the larger struggle against more serious forms of Jew-hatred. 

Jewish judge dead in hit-and-run by driver claiming to be Harry Potter

75-year-old Judge Sandra Feuerstein was killed in a hit-and-run in Boca Raton, Florida; while a six-year-old boy was injured.

‘Harry Potter’ star narrates new Holocaust documentary

The Holocaust documentary "Out of the Darkness", narrated by actor Jason Isaacs, debuted this week for students in the United Kingdom.


Is Harry Potter going to be a live-action television series?

While many are excited at the prospect, the potential series has sparked backlash online due to J. K. Rowling's controversial history on comments about transgender people.

‘Harry Potter’ star Jason Isaacs talks about his struggle with addiction

“Every action was filtered through a burning need I had for being as far from a conscious, thinking, feeling person as possible. No message would get through for nearly 20 years.”


Daniel Radcliffe defends transgender women after JK Rowling sparks row

"We need to do more to support transgender and nonbinary people, not invalidate their identities, and not cause further harm."


New genus of pit viper discovered in India named after Salazar Slytherin

The house symbol of Slytherin is a snake and the colors are green and silver. Slytherin himself was a Parselmouth meaning he had the ability to converse with snakes.

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