The US army chose a new helicopter. Will Israel reconsider the V-22 now?

Countries like Israel and other American partners, whether Japan or countries in the Gulf, all will want a new generation of helicopters.

Drone taxi takes first spin in Paris air traffic ahead of 2024 launch

The Volocopter's digital fly-by-wire system and multiple rotors make it much easier to fly than a traditional helicopter, the test pilot said.


US uses helicopter raid to kill ISIS operative in Syria -analysis

The target of the US helicopter raid was Rakkan Wahid al-Shammri, an ISIS official involved in smuggling weapons to other ISIS units.

Elbit’s X-Sight helmet to let helicopter pilots fly with F-35 technology

The helmet uses AI and Augmented Reality to allow helicopter pilots to see through the body of the aircraft.

Ataleph helicopter crash was caused by previously unknown corrosion - IDF

The final report said that the proximity of the helicopter to the sea caused its motor component to rust, leading to the crash.

Israel's 99th Division trains ground and air units together

According to an article at the IDF's website, the unit includes the “Kfir Brigade, the multi-dimensional ‘Ghost’ Unit and three additional reserves brigades.”

Can more advanced helicopters help Israel confront Iran? - analysis

Israel's current stable of helicopters should have been bolstered years ago through purchases of advanced helicopters from the US.

Germany to buy 60 Chinook helicopters

The Bundeswehr was set to acquire 45 to 60 heavy-lift helicopters for some 4 billion euros ($4.29 billion), to be delivered between 2023 and 2029.


Rare technical malfunction caused deadly helicopter crash in January

A broken motor blade in the left engine caused a fire that damaged the right engine and caused the Atalef AS565 Panther to crash into the sea.

Unmanned CH-53K could take Israeli troops deep behind enemy lines

The CH-53K heavy-lift helicopters purchased by the IAF can potentially have the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System installed.

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