Researchers find that women were hunters throughout history - study

There is sufficient evidence to warrant the conclusion that women in foraging societies across the world participated in hunting.

Cruise ship witnesses slaughter of dozens of pilot whales

Passengers aboard a cruise ship that had docked in the Faroe Islands were shocked and horrified to bear witness to the mass slaughter of pilot whales.

Reexamining the male hunter female gatherer paradigm – study

The idea of 'men hunt and women gather' is totally wrong according to a new study.

Tiny prehistoric flutes could imitate predatory bird calls 12,000 years ago

Scientists used a multidisciplinary approach to demonstrate that the flutes were intentionally made from bird bones to produce sounds similar to raptor calls.

Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ season 2 mixes fact and fiction about the holocaust

Hitler is alive and in hiding in the final season of ‘Hunters,’ Amazon’s series about Jews hunting and killing Nazis in the 70s.


Chimpanzees use vocal communication to make hunting easier - study

The study highlights the importance of vocal communication in evolutionary development, its link to group-level cooperation and that it may not be exclusive to just humans.


9,000-year-old Neolithic ritual site discovered in Jordan desert

Archaeologist have discovered a uniquely preserved ritual hunting complex in the Jordanian desert, which reveals sophisticated mass hunting strategies unexpected in such an early time period.

Exercise can slow your aging process. Here's the proof

We must all move more and lie down less, because even small doses of activity can have a huge impact on the rate at which we age.

HANUKKA DREIDELS display the letters of the Hebrew acronym for ‘A great miracle happened here.’

Jewish writer collects 4,000 tiny dreidels found by Eastern European treasure hunters

The collection also includes amulets that, while not a typical Jewish practice today, were historically used by Jews seeking to ward off various ailments.


Paleo-start up nation: Prehistoric Israelis exchanged technology - Study

In order to understand what kind of exchanges occurred between them, the archaeologists looked at their utensils and the way they manufactured them.

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