hunting in israel

Bird flu: Israel mulls ending hunting season to avoid human transmission

Israel's hunting season kicks off every year in September and lasts four months, with hunters typically hunting birds. 

A hunter surveys the landscape

Israel to ban hunting of quail, place 3-year ban on hunting turtle doves

A move to ban the hunting of quail and turtle doves was announced by Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg, and could go into effect on August 11.


Police arrest man suspected of dog abuse in northern Israel

Police also found porcupine quills and hunting tools in the vehicle.

The porcupine, taken from the backpack, November 14, 2020.

Five arrested for illegally abusing and hunting a porcupine

When Border Patrol officers and volunteers searched the suspicious backpack in the backseat of their car, they found the lifeless porcupine.

A hunter surveys the landscape

New campaign seeks to ban wildlife hunting in Israel

Poachers often hunt endangered and protected animals like gazelles and porcupines, where their meat is sold illegally for high prices.

Indian crested porcupine

Porcupines poached for meat in northern Israel due to superstitions

The beliefs tied to porcupines are the result of the noises the animal makes, "that resemble a baby's cry," Ling said.

The little rock hyrax abounds in Israel

Will the Israeli Hyrax be labeled as a pest?

The Ministry of Environmental Protection propose the Israeli Hyrax be given the legal status of a pest.

Illegal hunters snared by police in wide-scale operation

An unusually cruel ring of illegal hunters exploited and killed wild animals in northern Israel, until a group of 200 police officers put an end to the crime.

Walter Palmer

Grumpy old man: Like lipstick on a pig

Public relations can go only so far when your problem is much worse than a dead beast in Zimbabwe.

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