iran germany relations

Biden talks to nuke deal partners about Iran’s ambitions

The UAE returned its envoy to Tehran • Shin Bet head visits Egypt amid rise in tensions

Iran's ‘long terrorist arm’ in Germany ousted from Islamic group board

The Hamburg Shura Council is an association of Muslim organizations.

‘Time is running out,’ new German FM warns as Iran talks deadlocked

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Saturday that Tehran was serious in its nuclear talks, as indicated by the very proposals that European negotiators said were unrealistic.

Iran endangers ‘Israel and Jewish’ people in Germany

“Spying activities against (pro) Israeli and (pro) Jewish targets in Germany are therefore part of the task of intelligence agencies in Iran,” wrote the German intelligence officials in the report.


Iran’s Islamic 'revolution has no borders,’ says Torkilmaz

The US government has declared Iran's regime to be the worst state-sponsor of terrorism.

German intel: Iran wants to expand to weapons of mass destruction

Iran was termed a "risk country" in the 335-page document outlining serious threats to the security and democracy of the state of Bavaria.

Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany

US ambassador: German anti-BDS motion should apply to Iran's regime

The US ambassador Richard Grenell suggested that the Bundestag resolution against BDS should apply to Iran's regime because it seeks the destruction of the Jewish state.


Israeli embassy slams German Social Democrats for hosting Iran antisemites

The social democrats, including German social democratic foreign minister Heiko Maas, have been under fire for mainstreaming Iranian regime antisemitism and Tehran's goal to destroy Israel.


U.S. ambassador slams German gov't for celebrating Iran's revolution

“No one should confuse the desire to have dialogue with a celebration marking 40 years of brutality"- US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.

HEIKO MAAS  (Reuters)

German Foreign Ministry celebrates Iran’s Islamic revolution

German Jews accuse Maas of failing to internalize the lesson of the Holocaust with his robust support of Iran’s regime.

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