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How many rockets has Iran fired into Iraq over women's protests?

The strikes were reported after Iranian authorities accused armed Iranian Kurdish dissidents of involvement in unrest now shaking Iran, especially in the northwest.


Iran’s attacks on Iraq harmed journalists, widely condemned

Iran continued its bombardment of Kurdish regions of Iraq, a day after Iran fired 73 ballistic missiles and dozens of drones at Kurdish opposition groups.

Iran closes its borders with Iraq, halts flights amid violence - State TV

Millions of Iranians travel to the Iraqi city of Kerbala every year for the ritual of Arbaeen, which marks the end of a 40-day mourning period for the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hussein.


Iran's proxy terror attacks are a direct hit on free speech - opinion

The correct response to Iran’s toxic efforts to murder dissidents in the West is an utter and complete refusal to be silent.

Iran is worried about US-Israel-Saudi talks ahead of Biden's trip - analysis

At the end of the day, the reason for Biden’s trip is probably more complex than this report makes it out to be. It’s not all about Israel or oil. It is about managing the ties with Riyadh.

Shi'ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) advance towards the city of Al-Qaim, Iraq November 3, 2017

Who is the new militant group targeting a Turkish base with drones? - analysis

The creation of a new “group” called Ahrar Sinjar may be an excuse to strike Turkey now, alleging to be responding to other Turkish attacks.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards fired on positions in Iraq's Erbil - report

"No casualties have been reported so far," Iran state media said.


Who fired rockets targeting a Turkish base in Iraq? - analysis

The attack targeting the Turkish base near Bashiqa is not the first, as it was targeted in December 2021 and also January 2022, with reports staying that there was also an attack in November 2021.

Will Iran use the Ramadan period to increase tensions with Israel?

Iran knows it can stoke tensions over several thousand miles of potential frontline – including the Gaza Strip, northern Israel and the Golan Heights.

Concerns for Iraq after it fails to elect a president - analysis

Since the US invasion of Iraq and the toppling of the dictator Saddam Hussein, Iraq has had a Kurdish President.

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